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Hannah :)

Welcome to the world Hannah!

Master Mary and Baby B

Baby B was born today! Woooooooooo hooooooooooooooo! I am so happy, I can hardly stand it. Hannah Audrey is her name Congratulations Bri and Sarah! For those who are out of the Berkowitz family tree loop, Bri is my brother,… Continue Reading →

Shoe Blues

(insert blues harmonica riff after each line…) Me and K went to Skechers To get some shoes It was hard to find good ones And I got the shoe blues I tried on 5 different pairs But they were all… Continue Reading →

Breathing, writing, and panicking in no particular order

*****Disclaimer***** long rambling and moderate panic to follow but i am okay now so please don’t call an ambulance I will keep this whole post besides this disclaimer off the front page for that matter.

Take meds or breathe?

Decisions, decisions. Where is the line between beneficial effects and intolerable side effects of medicine? I suppose it is different for everybody, but I am having a hard time placing it at the moment, or at least I was until… Continue Reading →

2005 :: The Ramble

I hope that 2006 will be a good year for the world and the people in it. I have been very lucky, and so far 2006 is no exception. Me and K started out the year at Bill Graham auditorium… Continue Reading →

Stones and Metallica

Things are good My client site is just about done, my meds are stabilized for the moment, and the Rolling Stones and Metallica rocked last night! The highlight of the Stones show was when Mick and Lisa Fischer did a… Continue Reading →

Take Some Deep Breaths

I decreased the dose of my old meds again recently, and I am having the very scary side effect of having trouble breathing. It is not new, but has gotten a lot worse lately. It is a side effect of… Continue Reading →

Happy Halloween

L Bee and Killer K celebrate Halloween at the river

A little bit of heaven

Saturday was K’s birthday We went to the Russian River to celebrate and got home today. It was so great. Fun, relaxing, magical. We got massages that rocked. Seriously deep tissue! I don’t really like those kinds of massages when… Continue Reading →

Kiss of the Giant Pandas

Thanks to Pakito for the photo

Double Header

Two headed rattlesnake! (more details at sfgate) In other exciting news… Party pix are up here.

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