10 Things That Are On My Mind

  1. Side effects. They have come and they are annoying. Hopefully, they will go away soon!
  2. Autiblogger. Added user level plugins and a nice new theme today.
  3. School. Almost done with the CSS class. Maybe the best class I have ever taken. I learned so much in 8 weeks and got every question that I’ve ever had about CSS answered.
  4. Friend. Heard back from an old high school friend that I recently found on google. Made me happy.
  5. Nikkyo. Took her to the vet this morning to get spayed. Can’t pick her up until tomorrow after 9:30 am. I miss her.

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thought interrupted

thought interrupted
split second -chop- to another
thought -chop- next </stop> come and gone
can’t even open a website what was i was going to do?

stuck can’t go out. have to go out. have to get out of here. can’t do anything here. typing. time goes by. can’t do anything. just type. have to get out of here. homework to do. can’t do it. at least final project is done. just a few more things to hand in and one peer review.

accidentally failed the database design class. thought the final assignment was due on sunday like in every

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Life is very busy. Good and bad. It has been hard to keep up with school assignments these past few weeks, but somehow I’ve gotten everything in on time. Sometimes it is easier to do things on the last day.

My last CSS test was really hard. It took me almost two days to finish it. I had no idea there could be so much math involved in CSS! I learned so many things while I was taking the test, but it hurt my brain pretty bad.

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Autistic Planet Site and Store

I put up the Autistic Planet website, which is pretty bare bones at the moment. Eventually, I would like to add information about all of the sites, and possibly interviews with the people who run the sites that I don’t.

For now, it is serving its purpose of being a central location that links to all of the web sites, the t-shirt store, and the brand new CafePress shop! The CafePress shop offers some fun items including a mouse pad, a messenger bag, a teddy bear, a dog t-shirt, as well as a few other clothing items that

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It is just over a month since Shiki died and I still cry every day. Not as bad as before; usually just once a day now. K got the sweetest stone in the whole world that we will use to mark the spot where we bury her in the garden. Neither of us is ready to bury her yet.

in a box
on the mantle
beneath your picture

to go back to the earth
under a stone
that marks the spot of your final resting place

no life, no body
but i am still not ready to let

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sweet bright eyes
closed forever
my baby is gone

a sweet cat that was
my best friend
14 years of days together

she groomed me when i was sad.
she groomed me this morning.
before we put her down.

scratchy tongue licking my head while i cried because i wasn’t ready to let her go.
but it was her time.
20 years is a long time to be a cat.

gone without pain
it is humane
and that keeps me sane
while i feel all this pain

a tiny cat
filled so much space
a giant hole
is in her

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Master Mary and Baby B

Baby B was born today! Woooooooooo hooooooooooooooo! I am so happy, I can hardly stand it. Hannah Audrey is her name 🙂 Congratulations Bri and Sarah! For those who are out of the Berkowitz family tree loop, Bri is my brother, Sarah is my sister-in-law, and Hannah is my brand new niece!

It has been a very intense day. Master Mary Davis Cates died this morning. Master Mary was an amazing martial artist, the highest ranking member of Cuong Nhu outside of the founder’s family, a hero of mine and many many others, and most of all, a wonderful magical

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Shoe Blues

(insert blues harmonica riff after each line…)

Me and K went to Skechers
To get some shoes
It was hard to find good ones
And I got the shoe blues

I tried on 5 different pairs
But they were all wrong
3 hurt and one didn’t fit
We were there for so long

My mind was aching
I was so sick of shoes
Thought of leaving without them
‘Cuz I had the shoe blues

Then I looked on the sale rack
And found one magic pair
They were brown and sturdy
And we got out of there

(blazing guitar solo

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Take meds or breathe?

Decisions, decisions. Where is the line between beneficial effects and intolerable side effects of medicine? I suppose it is different for everybody, but I am having a hard time placing it at the moment, or at least I was until I ended up in the emergency room on Tuesday.

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