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LinuxWorld 2005 — 08/17/2005

LinuxWorld 2005

LinuxWorld was fun. It was at Moscone Center West in SF. Much smaller and geekier than MacWorld. Talked to the Mambo guys, the RackSpace folks, and a very nice lady from HP. Got lots of distros to play with, saw some beautiful servers, and met Tux…

Rollie —


Homer is gone. Last straw was when the cassette player started on fire, shortly after the a/c breaking, battery dying, broken starter, oil leaks, and replacement of brake calipers and pads. I believe it was set to self-destruct at 100K miles. The self-destruct program was working fine.

Now there is Rollie 🙂


New York, NY —

New York, NY

Me and K went to NY to celebrate my mom and dad’s 40th wedding anniversary 🙂 It was so nice that we could all be together to honor the occasion. M & D stayed at the St. Regis, and me n K stayed in Queens with Brian and Sarah and Atticus, their very sweet and big and fuzzy cat.

new york city
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