Should I rename LBnuke?

question markI started LBnuke in 2003 as an experiment with PostNuke, a php/mysql content management system. It was my first experience with php, mysql, content management systems, and open source software. I named this site after that software. It is no longer powered by PostNuke. I converted it to WordPress a couple of years ago.

Sometimes, I wonder if the name is outdated and I should change it. Other times, I am very attached to the name because discovering this type of technology was a life-changing (or at least work-changing) event. In the 5 years since I started this site, I have become highly skilled at working with these types of systems and related technologies. Somewhere along the way, I crossed the line between web designer and web developer. Since I am not a graphic artist and am most comfortable thinking in programming logic, my passion and interest for this type of work has grown exponentially since that time.

I am also a bit of a domain name whore. I have about 15 domain names that are waiting to find a home. I like the idea of using some form of my name or identity in the name of this site, since it is my personal site. I consider ‘bee’ to be part of my identity since it has been a nickname for so long.

If anyone would like to help me with this decision, please answer the poll. Any input is appreciated!

Thanks for voting! This poll has been closed and I still haven’t made a decision. Please feel free to comment with ideas, suggestions, etc.

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5 thoughts on “Should I rename LBnuke?”

  1. Votes are tracked by cookies, so technically, you can vote more than once. But that would skew the highly scientific results 😉

    For anyone wondering what the one ‘Other’ vote is for, it is for: Lori B. that’s is starting to grow on me.


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