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Railroad Museum Pix — 12/05/2005

Railroad Museum Pix

Thanks to everyone who came out to the model railroad yesterday. I had fun and it was nice to meet those folks that I haven’t met before. I took some pictures on my phone, most of which needed to be photoshopped in some way or other, so please pardon the “art shots”! Click on the thumbnails to view larger images.

I never got around to resizing them to fit this site, so also please pardon the couple that are hiding behind the sidebar.

bridgepalace hotelstreet lights
power housetunnelvictorians

Scatchmonkey took some pictures with a real camera and put them up on his site too. Click here to see them. They are about 3/4 down the page.
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New Features — 11/29/2005

New Features

A site map has been added to help with site navigation, and a guestbook has been added to help with my own and other users’ curiosity about who is visiting this site. Please sign it 🙂

Meetup at Golden State Model Railroad Museum — 11/16/2005

Meetup at Golden State Model Railroad Museum

It is official. Our first ‘Oakland Aspieland’ meetup will be on Sunday, December 4th at 1pm at the Golden State Model Railroad Museum. The trains will be running 🙂

Admission fees are:
$3 for Adults
$2 for Senior Citizens and Children under 12
$7 for Families

If anybody needs or can give rides, let us know, and maybe we can arrange something.

Click here for directions to the museum.

Sorry I broke the site! — 09/08/2005

Sorry I broke the site!

Sorry the site was down all morning. I accidentally broke it while I was setting up some (slightly) more user friendly urls. Now, some are the short urls are working and some are not. Luckily, thanks to a db backup that i made right before I started messing around, all seems to be okay for now. I am sorry if anyone had any problems, since the site was up and down before it was down for real.

If you find anything still wrong, please let me know. Thanks!

Update: Short(ish) urls are working now 🙂
New Update: I was wrong. Short urls broke user registration. Short urls are off. User reg is working again. Sorry to anyone who tried to register! Back to the drawing board…

Who are you? — 06/04/2005

Who are you?

There have been many new members and guests visiting LBnuke in the past few months. It is perfectly okay to be anonymous here, but for those of you that feel like saying hi, I would appreciate it because I get curious about who is visiting. Thanks 🙂

user registration fixed — 04/04/2005

user registration fixed

User registration appears to be fixed now. Please let me know if you have any trouble. After you register, you will receive and email with an automatically generated password. Use it to log in, and then click on ‘edit your information’ to enter a new password and any other info you like. Click the ‘save changes’ button at the bottom of the form to submit.

More Games — 03/29/2005
Comments are open again — 03/10/2005

Comments are open again

I have reset comments permissions to include unregistered users while I try an experiment with site security. If all goes well, they will stay that way. If not, I’ll have to change it back to registered users only. I originally closed them because of tons of comment spam.

New hangman games added — 03/04/2005

New hangman games added

3 new hangman games are added to the Hangman section (Other Stuff menu). They are Broadway, Video Games, and Rock and Pop.

Have Fun 🙂

New improved LBnuke — 01/07/2005

New improved LBnuke

Finally moved this site to my new server. I decided to update the files too. It’s almost the same, except for a few small design changes, including changing the page width to 100%, so it will look very big if you have a big monitor and maximized browser! Please let me know if you find any bugs.