user registration fixed

User registration appears to be fixed now. Please let me know if you have any trouble. After you register, you will receive and email with an automatically generated password. Use it to log in, and then click on ‘edit your information’ to enter a new password and any other info you like. Click the ‘save …

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More Games

The Games section is updated. New code, slightly new design, and 5 new games: 3d Snake, Disco Racer, Beer Drag, Bulbs Away, and Cheetah Race

A post about me…

I think this may be the first ‘post about me’ that I’ve made here on LBnuke, or anywhere else for that matter. I post about things I do, places I go, things I find, things that are interesting to me, but never anything that is ‘about me’.

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Comments are open again

I have reset comments permissions to include unregistered users while I try an experiment with site security. If all goes well, they will stay that way. If not, I’ll have to change it back to registered users only. I originally closed them because of tons of comment spam.

A few links

I’ve been meaning to post this link to bugmenot, a page that allows people to bypass compulsory web registration for sites like Is it legal? I don’t know. But it’s pretty handy. I also came across this link to a very interesting article on developing sites for users with cognitive disabilities and learning difficulties. …

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New hangman games added

3 new hangman games are added to the Hangman section (Other Stuff menu). They are Broadway, Video Games, and Rock and Pop. Have Fun 🙂

Name Voyager

Name Voyager is a fun java app (your browser must run java to play with it) where you type in a name, and it charts the name by U.S. popularity, by decade, for the past century. For example, if I enter “Lori”, the graph starts going up at around 1940, peaks in the 60’s, and …

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