Rambling On…

Stones and Metallica — 11/16/2005

Stones and Metallica

Things are good 🙂 My client site is just about done, my meds are stabilized for the moment, and the Rolling Stones and Metallica rocked last night!

The highlight of the Stones show was when Mick and Lisa Fischer did a duet of Ray Charles’ “Nighttime is the Right Time”. I had never heard of Lisa Fischer before, but I hope to hear her again. She is AMAZING! This duet came directly after an awesome “Midnight Rambler” and some other excellent blues tunes. More great moments were “Sympathy For The Devil”, “It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll”, and the encores “You Can’t Always Get What You Want ” and “Satisfaction”. I am glad to have gotten to see them. I have always wanted to. Thanks K!

Metallica rocked as always 🙂 The highlights of that show were “The Unforgiven”, me and K’s song “Nothing Else Matters”, “Master of Puppets”, and “Enter Sandman”. The crowd took a while to warm up (and show up) to Metallica, but in the end head bangers were born, and the band seemed very happy to be playing in their home town.

Take Some Deep Breaths — 11/02/2005

Take Some Deep Breaths

I decreased the dose of my old meds again recently, and I am having the very scary side effect of having trouble breathing. It is not new, but has gotten a lot worse lately. It is a side effect of the new meds. I get short of breath and light-headed until I can catch my breath again. My vision also gets blurry while it is happening. I didn’t mind it when it just happened once in a while, but now it is kind of freaking me out.

The doc says that the way I should decide what to do about the dosage is to see ‘how much I can stand’ of the side effect vs. how much I can stand being on a lower dose of the med. It is getting to the point where the side effect may be more than I can stand.

I’m not really sure what to do about it. I don’t want to keep taking my old meds. The brand name was discontinued because of some people having sudden fatal liver damage. I take the generic. Supposedly I am at lower risk because I’ve been taking it for so many years, and that ‘side effect’ happens to people more new to the drug. Still it’s kind of freaky.

I can barely stand the thought about trying ANOTHER new drug. It is a crazy process every time. I hope I will find a good solution, but at the moment I am short of ideas.