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Aspieland.com — 12/07/2005


My current project, aspieland.com, is up for public testing. It will be a non-commercial site directory of sites by and for people on the autistic spectrum. The goal of this site is to focus on individual home pages and make it easier for us to find eachother on the web. Large community and resource sites will be listed as well.

Forums are being set up to help people make their own web sites, and people have already volunteered to help with design, hosting, and more.

Come and visit, browse, list your site! Please contact me to report any bugs or make suggestions.

New business site is finally up! — 09/28/2004

New business site is finally up!

After many months of changing my mind about the design and technology of the new BeeDragon site, it is finally done! It’s a custom design, and is powered by mambo code. If you like, you can check it out here. Tell your friends ; )

It is still in the “public testing phase”. All feedback is appreciated!

LBnuke.com — 11/12/2003