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Name Voyager — 02/23/2005

Name Voyager

Name Voyager is a fun java app (your browser must run java to play with it) where you type in a name, and it charts the name by U.S. popularity, by decade, for the past century.

For example, if I enter “Lori”, the graph starts going up at around 1940, peaks in the 60’s, and is back to the bottom by 2003. If you hover over the graph, it will tell you the rank of the name by decade. Just move your cursor to get the rank for other decades.

The Baby Name Wizard’s NameVoyager is a letter-by-letter exploration of name trends and history.

The beginning screen shows nearly 5000 names, each represented by a stripe. Type a letter, and you’ll zoom in to focus on how that initial has been used in names over the past century. Type more letters to zoom in further, down to the level of a single name. Backspace to delete letters or try a new search.

Each stripe is a timeline of one name, from 1900 (at left) to present. The changing thickness of the stripe reflects the name’s changing popularity. The usage frequency is shown on the right-hand axis, which changes scale as you zoom in and out.

You can also mouse over a single name stripe to highlight its shape and learn its popularity rank at any point in time. Click on a stripe to zoom in on that name.

WordPress Upgrade Party — 02/16/2005

WordPress Upgrade Party

Had fun at the WordPress upgrade party last night. Upgraded lbg to wp 1.5. The upgrade was very smooth and easy besides from the second sidebar being kind of tricky. Got some help from Matt to fix it. Lots of nice people there, including some web dev heroes of mine, Eric Meyer and Molly Holzschlag. K came too. I was glad she did because I was too shy to talk to anyone. Thanks K 🙂

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Side Track 1.1 — 02/13/2005

Side Track 1.1

Side Track is a replacement driver for apple ibooks and powerbooks. It adds much needed functionality to the apple trackpad. Coming from the 5 button scrolling mouse on the pc, I was very frustrated with the trackpad on my powerbook. The worst thing was that if I set the trackpad for ‘tap to click’, and tried to type, the cursor would jump all over the place. Side Track includes a checkbox to ‘ignore trackpad while typing’.

Other things:

  • Set vertical and horizontal scrolling to edges of trackpad. You can also control the size of the area on the pad that is used for scrolling.
  • Set trackpad button to either regular click or ctrl-click (right-click)
  • Set each corner of the trackpad to a different mouse button or keystroke combination. For example: I have bottom left corner set to ctrl-click, bottom right corner set to ‘hide’, top left to ‘back’, and top right to ‘forward’. Very handy.
  • Custom settings for applications.

Requires OS X 10.2 or higher.

Shareware – 30 day free trial. $15 to register.

Some people have experienced the ‘cursor freezes on wake from sleep’ bug. So far, I’ve only had one problem. After installing 10.3.8 OS update and turning off computer, cursor was frozen when I turned it back on. I had to turn it off, and back on. Since then, all is good, but I haven’t turned my computer off again since then.

Side Track does seem buggy at times, but still worth using, even w/the bugs. Messing with the settings can help some (or make things worse!).

It may take some time to get used to using it, but if you have any frustraton at all with the regular trackpad, side track may fix things, as well as adding a bunch of other very useful features.

Smell-o-mints — 02/07/2005


Smell-o-mints is a very fun, free mac program. It is a periodic table of the elements. You can click on each element in the table for more information, and if you want more in-depth info, you can click a link and go directly to that elements wikipedia page.