Finally, the long awaited release of Mozilla Firefox 1.0 is here! What’s so great about Firefox? Visit the Firefox website and find out.

For more information about why internet explorer can make your computer unsafe, and other better, safer web browsers (including Firefox), click on the “Browse Happy” button!


Firefox 1.0 is the latest version of Mozilla’s next generation open source web browser. This version is faster and way less buggy than 0.8, Firebird, and Phoenix (the old names). Even better than 0.9, which was pretty good.

It features tabbed browsing, which is very useful. If you use a non-IE browser, you may already be familiar with this feature. Instead of having lots of browser windows open, you can have many tabs in one window. You just click on the tab for the window you want to view. There is a search bar to the right of the address bar, which supports many search engines. MANY plugins are available to add a wide variety of extra features and functionality as well, including the ever popular ‘web developer toolbar’.

Other handy features include a popup blocker that is much better at distinguishing between “good popups” and bad ones than in previous versions, and easy migration of your favorites, history, passwords, settings, etc. from other popular browsers. Security is way better in Firefox than in Internet Explorer. There are many plugins and skins available to customize this browser just about any way you want.

If you’re using IE, I would recommend Firefox for improved security, convenient browsing, handy features, and many other reasons that would be more suited to be expressed on a soapbox than in a review.