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Geek of the Day — 03/29/2005
More Games —

More Games

The Games section is updated. New code, slightly new design, and 5 new games:
3d Snake, Disco Racer, Beer Drag, Bulbs Away, and Cheetah Race

A post about me… — 03/10/2005

A post about me…

I think this may be the first ‘post about me’ that I’ve made here on LBnuke, or anywhere else for that matter. I post about things I do, places I go, things I find, things that are interesting to me, but never anything that is ‘about me’.
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Comments are open again —

Comments are open again

I have reset comments permissions to include unregistered users while I try an experiment with site security. If all goes well, they will stay that way. If not, I’ll have to change it back to registered users only. I originally closed them because of tons of comment spam.

A few links — 03/07/2005

A few links

I’ve been meaning to post this link to bugmenot, a page that allows people to bypass compulsory web registration for sites like nytimes.com. Is it legal? I don’t know. But it’s pretty handy.

I also came across this link to a very interesting article on developing sites for users with cognitive disabilities and learning difficulties. The article included a link to a more detailed version of the article, several examples of techniques the authors were writing about, and some great links for further reading.

This is a subject that I am very interested in for both personal and professional reasons. Even if you’re not a techhead, there are some interesting points, and this link from the ‘further reading’ list, which is a first person look into the life of someone with a coginitive disability (Asperger’s Syndrome).

New hangman games added — 03/04/2005

New hangman games added

3 new hangman games are added to the Hangman section (Other Stuff menu). They are Broadway, Video Games, and Rock and Pop.

Have Fun 🙂