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user registration fixed — 04/04/2005

user registration fixed

User registration appears to be fixed now. Please let me know if you have any trouble. After you register, you will receive and email with an automatically generated password. Use it to log in, and then click on ‘edit your information’ to enter a new password and any other info you like. Click the ‘save changes’ button at the bottom of the form to submit.

More Games — 03/29/2005
New improved LBnuke — 01/07/2005

New improved LBnuke

Finally moved this site to my new server. I decided to update the files too. It’s almost the same, except for a few small design changes, including changing the page width to 100%, so it will look very big if you have a big monitor and maximized browser! Please let me know if you find any bugs.

User Registration Updated — 07/14/2004

User Registration Updated

I just noticed that the user registration section has only been displaying with the minimum number of fields required to register. I have remade the form to include more options.

If you have already registered, but didn’t get the chance to include optional information such as time zone, personal avatar, signature, etc., go to your account page and enter the information in the Change Your Info section (must be logged in). It would be great if folks would enter their real name, just so I can have a clue who is registered on this site ; ) To choose a personal avatar, click on one of the options in the dropdown list and a preview will appear next to the list.

More new games — 06/30/2004

More new games

LBnuke More new flash games have been added to the games section. All of them will record high scores if you’re logged in. Have fun 🙂

More New Games Added — 05/08/2004

More New Games Added

Added a bunch of new games. High scores will not register on this site for any of the new games. Most are free games from Miniclip.

Most games have included instructions once you click on them to play. Eventually, I’ll add instructions for any that don’t already have them, and also thumbnail images for previews. Have fun!

Games Forum Added — 12/26/2003
Private Messages/Game Instructions update — 11/18/2003

Private Messages/Game Instructions update

Because of a glitch in the private messaging system, private messages sent through the Message Board section will be separate from Private Messages sent from anywhere else on this site.

That means that to check if you have a private message on the site, just log in and check in the left menu (right under where it says ‘You are logged in as…’.

To check if you have a PM in the Message Board section, click on Message Board in the Places to visit menu on the left. At the top of the Message Board page, it will tell you if you have any new private messages. You can click that link to view your messages.

It is the same with sending PM’s. Whichever way you send them, that is where people will receive them. Eventually, I’m hoping to get them integrated again without any bugs, but it may take a while.

Other news: Intructions are now available for all games. If you don’t see them on the main game page, they will show up when you start the game.

Games are here! — 11/16/2003

Games are here!

New Flash games are here. Click on the name of the game you want to play in the High Scores box on the Home page, or on ‘Games’ in the Main Menu. This section is still under construction, so check back for game instructions and fixes to problems that I don’t know about yet.

Message Board is up! — 11/10/2003

Message Board is up!

The new message board is up! This is the place where you can post messages for other users of this site to read and reply to. You can also browse through the messages and reply to messages here.

To use the Message Board:

1. Click on Forums in the menu to the left (if you are logged in to LBnuke, you are also logged in to the message board).

2. Click on the name of the Category or Message that you would like to browse or post to. Example: Category – General Posts, Message – Welcome to the LBNuke Message Board.

3. To post a new message, click on ‘new topic’. Fill out the ‘Post a new topic’ form and click on ‘Preview’ to see what your message will look like, or on ‘Submit’ to submit your message.

4. To reply to a message, click on the message that you would like to read/reply to. Then, click on ‘post reply’. Fill out the ‘Post a reply’ form and click on ‘Preview’ to see what your message will look like, or on ‘Submit’ to submit your message.

5. If you have any questions, comments, or problems with this message board, please contact LB.