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Autism Awareness — 05/11/2005

Autism Awareness

It’s occurring to me that it’s not so random that I stumbled onto that article a couple of months ago and found out I have asperger’s syndrome (a kind of autism). Turns out there’s a lot of people, most either autistic themselves, or who have an autistic child, that have been working very hard for years to promote autism awareness.

THAT is why there just happened to be a link on a site about web standards that led to an article about asperger’s. THAT is why there’s a CNN special report about autism that will be shown on May 22. THAT is why I finally know what is wrong with me after all these years!

Some of the people who are helping to spread the word are:

Barbara Kirby – founder of the OASIS website, an incredible resource for information and links about asperger’s and other types of autism.

Alexander Plank (aka Alex) – 18 year old Gentoo developer and creator of WrongPlanet.net – a huge online community for folks with Asperger’s Syndrome, Autism, and other PDDs (site co-created by Dan Grover).

Dr. Temple Grandin – designer of livestock handling facilities and an Associate Professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University. She has done much writing and speaking about her experiences w/having autism.

Dr. Tony Atwood – a clinical psychologist who specializes in the field of Asperger’s Syndrome. He has also written several books and travels around the world giving workshops and seminars about autism.

I haven’t personally read much by Dr. Grandin, or Dr. Atwood, but their names appear everywhere where there is information about autism. I HAVE extensively browsed both the OASIS site and WrongPlanet.net, and really can’t say enough about the amazing resources and community that both of these sites provide!


Sensei Anastasia — 05/08/2005

Sensei Anastasia

LB, Anastasia, and Lavina after the test

LB, A, and Lavina after the test

I’ve got a new Sensei 🙂 Saturday was Anastasia’s black belt test. It was a great test and she did an amazing job. The whole weekend was excellent. Senseis Robert and Elizabeth came from North Carolina to give the test, and also taught seminars on Friday night and Saturday afternoon. Saturday night, we partied at Sensei A’s (Sensei A III, that is).
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¡Feliz Cinco De Mayo! … and Tiger — 05/05/2005

¡Feliz Cinco De Mayo! … and Tiger

Today is 05/05/05. Cool!

Today is also my first day w/Tiger. So far, so good. Very smooth upgrade, even though I chose the ‘erase and install’ option. I transferred my user settings and apps from my panther clone on an external firewire drive after installing. Next time, I would install the apps manually afterwards, but truth be told, I was too excited, and didn’t feel like dealing with it. I had already found tiger compatible updates for most apps before the install. Only problem was virex, which i knew wouldn’t work; and I had to get update for sidetrack. I hated not having it, even for the 1/2 hour that it was gone.

Widgets are pretty cool. I downloaded one that is a rubik’s cube for the desktop, one for easy uploads to flickr, one that makes a user defined slideshow from flickr, jiwire hotspot finder, wikipedia lookup, and a color picker. I liked the included weather, dictionary, calculator, unit converter, translator, flight tracker, and tiger tile game, but have not yet figured out how to type on the sticky note.

Spotlight rocks as hard as they promised it would, and as of now, I have retired my ever faithful copy of Quicksilver application launcher. Safari RSS reader is WAY better than anything I was expecting! I’ve still been using netnewswire for subscribed feeds, but I’m using safari for viewing feeds that i click on.

I am SO excited for automator, but haven’t had time to play yet. Also haven’t tried new mail, ical, or address book yet. I wonder if they can sway me from Entourage…
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