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Favorite Mac Tip of the Day > Rename Files from the Title Bar — 08/22/2012

Favorite Mac Tip of the Day > Rename Files from the Title Bar

Rename files from the title bar

Thanks to Devir Kahan for the tip!

Rename a file from the title bar
Rename a file from the title bar

Instead of having to locate the file in the Finder to rename it, you can now just click on a filename in the window’s title bar to rename it. This same sort of thing works for bookmarklets too. You can also move a file to another location from the title bar by clicking its name and choosing Move.

OS X Keyboard Shortcuts — 11/06/2007

OS X Keyboard Shortcuts

cmd: Command Key key | shift: Shift Key key | opt: Option Key key | ctrl: Control Key key

cmd-WClose Window (does not quit program)
cmd-QQuit Program
cmd-NNew Document / New Window
cmd-OOpen File
shift-cmd-SSave As…
cmd-ASelect All
cmd-GFind Next
shift-cmd-GFind Previous
cmd-, (cmd-comma)Preferences
cmd-HHide – hides current program
shift-cmd-HHide Others – hides all other programs
cmd-+Make Text Bigger
cmd–Make Text Smaller
cmd-0 (cmd-zero)Revert to original text size
cmd-MMinimize Window to the Dock
ctrl-opt-cmd-8Reverse Window Colors
 For Text Editing (i.e. Pages, Word)
cmd-TShow Fonts Panel
shift-cmd-CShow Colors Panel
 Finder (Including Desktop)
cmd-IGet Info
shift-cmd-NCreate New Folder
cmd-RReload Page in Safari or Firefox
F5Reload Page in Firefox
cmd-[ or cmd- ←Back in Browser
cmd-] or cmd- →Forward in Browser
cmd-DAdd bookmark in browser
cmd-TNew Tab in Safari or Firefox

Does anyone else have any favorite mac keyboard shortcuts?

¡Feliz Cinco De Mayo! … and Tiger — 05/05/2005

¡Feliz Cinco De Mayo! … and Tiger

Today is 05/05/05. Cool!

Today is also my first day w/Tiger. So far, so good. Very smooth upgrade, even though I chose the ‘erase and install’ option. I transferred my user settings and apps from my panther clone on an external firewire drive after installing. Next time, I would install the apps manually afterwards, but truth be told, I was too excited, and didn’t feel like dealing with it. I had already found tiger compatible updates for most apps before the install. Only problem was virex, which i knew wouldn’t work; and I had to get update for sidetrack. I hated not having it, even for the 1/2 hour that it was gone.

Widgets are pretty cool. I downloaded one that is a rubik’s cube for the desktop, one for easy uploads to flickr, one that makes a user defined slideshow from flickr, jiwire hotspot finder, wikipedia lookup, and a color picker. I liked the included weather, dictionary, calculator, unit converter, translator, flight tracker, and tiger tile game, but have not yet figured out how to type on the sticky note.

Spotlight rocks as hard as they promised it would, and as of now, I have retired my ever faithful copy of Quicksilver application launcher. Safari RSS reader is WAY better than anything I was expecting! I’ve still been using netnewswire for subscribed feeds, but I’m using safari for viewing feeds that i click on.

I am SO excited for automator, but haven’t had time to play yet. Also haven’t tried new mail, ical, or address book yet. I wonder if they can sway me from Entourage…
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