Sweet Tea

by marleykito

This is a poem from an “NT” to her Aspie partner

a sweet face
masks the pain
i can see
visibly, viscerally
synapses fire
and you tire
if i could
climb inside
i’d rewire
cuz i’m good at
the simple ones
that don’t require
or mambotigercss
here you lie
with your hand
on my belly
touch my soul
as you snore
next to me
honey b
are you

5 thoughts on “Sweet Tea”

  1. I’m not a poetry fan, but I liked this. Romance is so much about simple observation. “mambotigercss” gave me a giggle. Tell me that’s not real, is it?

  2. I’m glad you liked this! 🙂 No it’s not real, just a combination of computer programs that I hear LB talking about all the time!

  3. CSS (cascading style sheets) is real. But the Mambo Tiger sounded like some marketing version being pushed by some startup. Just the kind of thing Bill Gates would foist on us to keep us from switching to competitors like Firefox and Opera.

  4. It is not so bad as that. Tiger is just Tiger (mac OS X 10.4), and mambo was an open source php/mysql cms, which has now become joomla.

  5. Oh, yeah, I keep forgetting about the Mac’s Tiger. I’m a Linux person, mostly, even though I spend a lot of time in Windows. My boss has Macs at home, mostly for the kids. Before I got into Linux I was into OS/2 and before that the Amiga. I tend to root for the underdog. But I’ve also learned not to be religious about it. All OS’s have their faults. The right tool for the job.

    Mambo sounded vaguely familiar, but it’s the kind of thing I might have heard on the Travel or Food Channel.

    Brand names are hard to come up with. I’m working with a game authoring group and one of the most hotly-contested topics is what to name the game. We have a working title that I’m not real keen on (“Volitant Assault”). It’s hard to come up with something that grabs you, isn’t already taken, googles well, and inspires one to check out the product.


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