Green Day

Rocked! Hard. Me and the K’s saw green day last night at sbc park in SF. It was one of the best shows ever. Up there with the who and metallica.

They opened w/american idiot, ended the encore w/i walk alone, and filled the rest of the time w/high energy jump up and down rock and roll. I couldnt’ even stop jumping after the show was over! …AND there were awesome fireworks during and after the show. At one point, they got 3 folks from the audience to come up on stage and form a band. The people had to know how to play the instruments. They did an excellent job playing while BJ sang. At the end, the guitar player got to keep the guitar! The drummer had to do a stage dive into the crowd, and the bass player was nowhere to be seen.

There was a little boy (maybe 10yo) in front of us totally rocking out. It gave me hope for the world watching him pump his fist w/the rock n roll devil sign while Billy Joe was singing about smashing the state and shouting about how bad GW sucks. He knew the words to every song, including the pre-show Ramones tunes.

After the show, k took us on a very long walk to embarcadero bart, where a nice guy let me have his seat because I am so pathetically anemic.

We were still kind of wired when we got home so we had a snack and watched Miami Ink and home and garden tv until it was time to sleep. I can’t seem to get enough of that channel lately, except for constant mantra of how everything is so cheap and easy to do. It’s not quite the same when it doesn’t include a professional design and carpentry team working for free.

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  1. I loved reading your perspective and also your comments on the HGTV thing since I am your partner in addiction 🙂 Plus now we know we have to get color-changing paint!


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