There is a young mourning dove perched on top of our curtain rod. Kito chased it in. There are feathers everywhere. I am not quite sure how to get it out. The front and back doors are open, and Kito is locked in the bedroom, but the bird is not moving. It looks like it is sleeping. I think I will try to chase it out with my bo. Sorry bird.

As it turns out, the bird is not at all afraid of me or my bo and I can’t bring myself to do anything besides tapping it lightly. This bird obviously knows who it is dealing with. Back to waiting…

At K’s very smart suggestion, I got the bird to perch on my bo, at which point Marley attacked it and it escaped to the mantle. I locked up Marley w/Kito and carried the bird outside. It can fly a little, but i think it may be injured. There is no blood, but it is still on the ground outside. Maybe it is just scared. At last check, it was standing outside in one of our little dirt squares that we like to call a garden.

At next check, the bird is gone. The cats are free. I will vacuum up a million feathers now.

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  1. Poor bird, though it can’t be helped that Kito and Marley are predators. Nothing can be done. Glad that it made it out.

    Can’t wait to see you Lori! Chilaquiles sound awesome!


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