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A little bit of heaven — 10/31/2005

A little bit of heaven

Saturday was K’s birthday 🙂 We went to the Russian River to celebrate and got home today. It was so great. Fun, relaxing, magical. We got massages that rocked. Seriously deep tissue! I don’t really like those kinds of massages when someone is barely touching you. It feels like a tease to me. Just enough to remind me where all the sore spots are, but not enough to make them feel any better. Not with Ed. He even got my hip to stop hurting during the massage. Unfortunately, it hurt like a mofo afterwards. Still, I’d do it again. Karen got a shiatsu massage, which looked equally as magical, judging by the smile on her face when she was done.

We went to a pretty fun but not very well attended halloween party at Fab with Lorena and Tess on Saturday night. There was dancing and a drag show that was pretty good except for the volume being way too loud during the second half. My favorite part was the good and evil Dolly routine where there were two Dolly Partons, one the good angel Dolly and one the bad angel Dolly. They were arguing back and forth through a medley of lip synced Dolly tunes. Never enough Dolly 🙂 Dolly Dolly Dolly.

Yesterday we walked around town and got some presents for people and a book for K and a finger puppet monster for me. At night we watched ‘The Princess Bride’ which I had never seen before. It was excellent. We also drank a little mini bottle of champagne we got at Korbel that afternoon. Nice 🙂

This morning we walked around Armstrong Woods. I love that place so much. It is so beautiful and magical. I especially like going there with K. It was perfect weather for a walk in the woods. Cool, but not too cold. There was mist coming from some of the trees that added to the magicalness. The colors were so bright and everything was glistening and covered with dew. Everything so green and brown. No other colors except for an occasional purple flower, and if you’re lucky, a yellow banana slug. No sounds besides from birds and one woodpecker. It is such a nice change from the rest of the world. Happy birthday K!

If Architects Had To Work Like Web Designers — 10/23/2005

If Architects Had To Work Like Web Designers

From: Software is too expensive to build cheaply

Dear Mr. Architect:

Please design and build me a house. I am not quite sure of what I need, so you should use your discretion. My house should have somewhere between two and forty-five bedrooms. Just make sure the plans are such that the bedrooms can be easily added or deleted. When you bring the blueprints to me, I will make the final decision of what I want. Also, bring me the cost breakdown for each configuration so that I can arbitrarily pick one.
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Disclosure — 10/16/2005


Me and K went to an aascend meeting on saturday before we left for morro bay. The topic of the meeting was disclosure. It is a topic I often wonder about. I have wondered about it since before I ever heard of asperger’s and was telling people that ‘my brain doesn’t work right’. I still tell them that sometimes. It is nice to finally have a word, but it hasn’t made it any easier to tell people like I thought it would.
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Kiss of the Giant Pandas — 10/13/2005
Double Header — 10/12/2005
Quiet Time — 10/08/2005

Quiet Time

It is quiet here. K and B just went out to get a mani/pedi. I have NO work to do! Nothing is broken. Or hacked. Bills are paid. All there is to do is clean up for the party later. And then party 🙂 It is nice to have B here. Shiki is especially happy. I love that last night me, B, and K were all in the living room together, each with our separate laptops, doing our own thing but still enjoying each others company. It is not usually like that with house guests. Usually it takes lots and lots of energy to have them, even if it also very fun. B likes to chill. So does Ali. He will stay here tonight too.

I am less freaked about web hosting today. I think it will be okay to keep my reseller account for another year. That will be plenty of time for everyone’s accounts to expire, and for people to move to a new host. I also would like to host the International Asperger’s Year site (once it is made) for free for a year. Who knows, maybe by then I will be breaking even or (gasp) actually making money. In any case, I would move my own sites to a server with lots of space. I would always like to have enough space to experiment and do some free hosting for family, friends, and other random do-gooders. Actually, my family members are some of my best customers!

It is hard to read the news. So many fucked up things going on all the time. It is kind of strange to be happy in such a situation. But I guess it is better than being a homicidal maniac. I’m not really the homicidal type, but sometimes a person just really wants to kill assholes! There was a horrible earthquake in Pakistan yesterday (which was Saturday there). It was a 7.6 magnitude tremor and over 3000 people in Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan were killed. That doesn’t make me homicidal. Just very sad. On Friday, the Governator signed a bill that bans the sale or rental of extremely violent video games to children. It is hard to understand the big government concern over kids playing games, when that same government is responsible for uncountable amounts of actual extreme violence that happens every day all over the world. What kind of effect does THAT have on children? I think that Jon Stewart should be appointed the US Minister of Prioritization.

Hacked :( — 10/03/2005

Hacked :(

I woke up this morning to an email that my business site was hacked with a malicious javascript that affects (what else?) internet explorer. I removed the code and alerted the hosting company so that they can make sure the entire server is clean. As far as I can tell, everything is ok now, but it totally freaked me out. This is the first time I’ve been hacked in 10 years of using shared servers. Someday when I have money, I will get a dedicated server, or maybe even a server of my own if I can learn linux sysadmin way better than I know it now.

Besides from that big adventure, things are looking up. Me and K got to have a mellow day yesterday for the first time in a very long while. It was SO nice! I have been feeling much better the past few days. The iron and gatorade are definitely doing their job. It is easier to do things now. I appreciate it so much after feeling bad for a while. It is a whole other world. The land of the living. I suppose that if I was to be hacked, it was much better that it happened today rather than last week.

Update: the server is clean and protected. i am happy 🙂