Quiet Time

It is quiet here. K and B just went out to get a mani/pedi. I have NO work to do! Nothing is broken. Or hacked. Bills are paid. All there is to do is clean up for the party later. And then party 🙂 It is nice to have B here. Shiki is especially happy. I love that last night me, B, and K were all in the living room together, each with our separate laptops, doing our own thing but still enjoying each others company. It is not usually like that with house guests. Usually it takes lots and lots of energy to have them, even if it also very fun. B likes to chill. So does Ali. He will stay here tonight too.

I am less freaked about web hosting today. I think it will be okay to keep my reseller account for another year. That will be plenty of time for everyone’s accounts to expire, and for people to move to a new host. I also would like to host the International Asperger’s Year site (once it is made) for free for a year. Who knows, maybe by then I will be breaking even or (gasp) actually making money. In any case, I would move my own sites to a server with lots of space. I would always like to have enough space to experiment and do some free hosting for family, friends, and other random do-gooders. Actually, my family members are some of my best customers!

It is hard to read the news. So many fucked up things going on all the time. It is kind of strange to be happy in such a situation. But I guess it is better than being a homicidal maniac. I’m not really the homicidal type, but sometimes a person just really wants to kill assholes! There was a horrible earthquake in Pakistan yesterday (which was Saturday there). It was a 7.6 magnitude tremor and over 3000 people in Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan were killed. That doesn’t make me homicidal. Just very sad. On Friday, the Governator signed a bill that bans the sale or rental of extremely violent video games to children. It is hard to understand the big government concern over kids playing games, when that same government is responsible for uncountable amounts of actual extreme violence that happens every day all over the world. What kind of effect does THAT have on children? I think that Jon Stewart should be appointed the US Minister of Prioritization.

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