Railroad Museum Pix

Thanks to everyone who came out to the model railroad yesterday. I had fun and it was nice to meet those folks that I haven’t met before. I took some pictures on my phone, most of which needed to be photoshopped in some way or other, so please pardon the “art shots”! Click on the thumbnails to view larger images.

I never got around to resizing them to fit this site, so also please pardon the couple that are hiding behind the sidebar.

bridgepalace hotelstreet lights
power housetunnelvictorians

Scatchmonkey took some pictures with a real camera and put them up on his site too. Click here to see them. They are about 3/4 down the page.


palace hotel

street lights

power house



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  1. Nice pics!

    One of the things I realize is that I should have asked permission to set my camera down on the layout, so I could get the view of a “scale person” in his own environment.


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