LBnuke 5.0

The spam. I can’t deal with it anymore. I am finally going to convert this site to WordPress. I was inspired by word camp. Can’t get online at moment. I am guessing it is a Comcast thing. It has given me some time to start transferring posts since I can’t even find out what my homework is for this week until I’m back online.

I am working on a version of this theme for wordpress, but for now will be using a different one which is very nice and has a similar color scheme. I will also be trying out a beta version of MeCommerce by Good Storm, so if you are looking to buy things, check my sidebar first! I will get 50% of the profits. Pretty cool!

WordPress widgets are fun! Drag and drop sidebar items. I’ve widgetized a few themes, and when I have some time, I will try my hand at making a widget.

Just called Comcast. Turns out the problem was on my end. Firewall setting suddenly had a conflict. Turned it off, then back on. All is good now. I think it is my fault because I was messing around with it yesterday trying to install mysync. Glad it was an easy fix.

So… Right now, the new version of LBnuke is running on another server. I will probably redirect and/or change the LBnuke nameservers sometime today, so if the site looks different, you’ll know why.

Comments will be open to everyone again thanks to the wonderful akismet made by wordpress matt and provided by Automattic, his company.

Update: I made some modifications to the template and banner. I think I will keep it for a while 🙂

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