iPod nanoI am now one of them. I have resisted getting an ipod for years, mostly because I find it kind of crazy that there is no way to input data without transferring files from a computer.

I have been tempted repeatedly, mostly by the shiny black video ipods and nanos. The screen size of the video ipods seem a little small for watching videos. Better to wait for the iPhone. 🙂 The nanos are harder to resist. I don’t need one. I have a palm pilot that does everything a nano can do and more. Still, I see them in the store and want one every time. Marketing genius.

It is likely that I will eventually get an iPhone. I will try to wait for version 2.0 when the initial bugs and annoyances have been worked out. The iPhone screen is a better size for video, not to mention the million other things it does. But it is crazy expensive, not even including whatever monthly fee there will be to use all of its features.

Yesterday morning, I finally found the excuse I was looking for. I was geeking around the internet and reading about an applescript that syncs yojimbo items with ipods. All you have to do is add the tag ‘ipod’ to the yojimbo item. Pretty cool. I use Yojimbo all the time.

The final straw was my non-empty bank account. A rare and beautiful thing. I have some extra cash because of having so many jobs lately. Go figure. I think it was burning a hole in my pocket even though it wasn’t even in my pocket.

I got the red one because part of the money gets donated to some global stop AIDS in Africa organization. I am not sure why anyone would not get the red one if it came in the configuration that they were looking for. I liked the green one best though.

I have been having fun with it. Synced all of my data of course: calendars, contacts, notes. Added some music because I think it is illegal to have an ipod without music on it. A random itunes playlist, Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, a podcast of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates at the D5 Conference, and Blood and Smoke, a Stephen King audio book. Now if only I can figure out how to keep these damn earbuds in my ears!