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I'm going to WordCampFirst, an iphone update. It still rocks! Most of the annoyances do not bug me anymore except for safari not remembering my zoom (Edit: I forgot that a double tap zooms in the safari window, so I rescind that last annoyance), lack of basic text select, copy, and paste features, and poor navigation. Some breadcrumb links would be nice. The one tip that has changed my iphone life the most is David Pogue’s keyboard tip. Genius.

Wordcamp 2007 – I can’t wait! 2 days long this year. D will be there too. I am happy about that.

No more sponsored themes on WP themes site. Makes me happy.

PHP4 will be no more. Finally!

I can finally play again! I am taking a break from Tsayad my main hunter because I wanted to start at a lower level so I could remember how to play and was not in a guild so that I didn’t feel like I should be grouping with people.

I started a night elf druid named Shikibee who is now level 16, alchemy/herbalism. I might end up making her my new main. Tsayad is only 41 and I am liking this character better. I thought hunter was my favorite because it is possibly the easiest class to solo with. I liked having a pet and it was pretty cool to send my pet (Fuzz) in and shoot things with arrows from a distance.

My favorite way to play is to run up to things and fight them, but that is hard to do as a hunter. I tried to be a warrior for a while, but that sucked worst of all. Not a good solo class because of no healing abilities. Have to stop and eat or bandage and make sure to have lots of healing potion, which is not so easy if you are a blacksmith/miner. Tsayad is skinning/leatherworking, so could supply shikibee with some nice armor.

I am leveling shikibee as a feral druid with this build but I might move some of the points around before I am done. If anyone has any idea what I am talking about and has any suggestions on a good solo pve feral druid build, I would be happy to hear them.

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  1. You’re so busy! You make me feel like a slacker. 🙂

    Hey, I have a new job! I don’t start for about a month, though. In other news, I took part in my landlords’ yard sale today and met their teenage daughter for the first time. I’d only talked to her on the phone before. I knew within a minute that she was an Aspie, though I think the differences would be subtle to most people…her mom confirmed it. Amazing coincidence! The daughter is a sweet girl, but I see so much of my younger self in her that it’s almost scary. Well, enjoy your conference, and I hope to see you at the meetup!

  2. Congratulations Rina! That’s great about your new job 🙂 I am pretty sure I will be at the meetup. I am looking forward to it. It is nice to be busy with fun things even though I am pretty bad at being busy at all.

  3. Lori!

    I’m so jealous that you signed up for Word Camp. I wish I’d been on the ball more and in blogging mode. Instead, I’m in the feeling-sorry-for-myself and depressed mode. 🙁

    Maybe–just maybe I can catch up with you afterwards? That would cheer me up.


  4. i found feral spec’ing my druid was the easiest for leveling up. for some reason i’m remembering that some people choose to level up as feral, and then to change to restoration when they get to max levels, to aid in raiding. however, i think some people consider the resto druid as a poor substitute for the priest. you can totally max out feral specs to get a rather fierce tanking bear, which i appreciated. however, i may entirely not know what i’m talking about. =)

    wordcamp! woohoo!

  5. Hey Jennifer 🙂 I wish you were going too. Dang! On saturday evening after wordcamp, there is a yet to be announced place where people will be meeting for drinks. I was thinking of stopping by if I still had any energy left. Any interest in meeting there?

    zippity d: I think I would hate being a full resto build. Were you full feral? I like the idea of being mostly feral with some resto to keep me alive while soloing. It’s all about the mangle really. Why did you switch to a hunter?

  6. I saw this on Blogs of Note. Didn’t understand a bit of it, but I thought you might enjoy it (and surely a geek like yourself would not be wasting time at Google Blogger, so maybe you haven’t seen it).

    This writer doesn’t much care for the iPhone, but there’s plenty of random geekery.



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