Cat Scratch Fever!

I am going to be OK. I have cat scratch fever! Not lymphoma! I am so happy. Still in shock a little. My parents and Karen were all here when I got the good news. We had a happy cryfest. I am so happy. Did I mention that? Thanks to everybody for everything! Antibiotics will fix me. I have never been so happy to have a disease in my life. I have no words for the kind of relief that everyone here is feeling right now. Thanks again to everybody for your support and kind words and good wishes and company!

10 thoughts on “Cat Scratch Fever!”

  1. You should put on the Ted Nugent music, of that title.

    Er, maybe not. I think Ted was asked to moderate his bad language at an NRA board meeting by no less a person than Colonel Jeff Cooper.

    Nugent is a rude damnyankee person, and I am glad you are doing better.

    My own kitty, who just got up off of my lap and had me let him out of the house, has scratched me many times, sometimes on purpose. I never got sick from that, though.

    I am happy that your problem was fixable, and is being fixed!

  2. I am so happy! I kept thinking positive thoughts for you, and, see, they work. I am the most powerful person in the world…oh! sorry, this is about you, isn’t it!

    Give the kitties some hugs and try not to get too frustrated with recovery.


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