Bay Area WordPress Meetup

There was a meeting of the newly reincarnated Bay Area WordPress Meetup on Sunday at Chaat Cafe in San Francisco. This meetup formerly went by the name of San Francisco WordPress Meetup. Being a resident of Oakland, I prefer the new name, even though the meeting was still in SF.

Darth Vader loves WordPress
Creative Commons License photo credit: Ianiv & Arieanna

I really enjoyed the meetup and met some nice folks. First, I would like to thank Jennifer Burke who runs the wonderful Healdsburg Magazine website (powered by WordPress of course!). Jennifer is the person who started both incarnations of the meetup. She has much experience with WordPress, as well as expertise in web content writing, information architecture, and SEO analysis.

The other attendees were newer to WordPress. Every person at the meeting was running and/or working on one or more interesting WordPress sites.

Bill is building a site for his son containing his own stories with illustrations and paintings done by his son. I haven’t had time to read any stories yet, but the art work alone is worth a visit to the site. At the meeting, I worked with him to change some of the graphics in his template.

Chris works at the Metta Center and has just started a blog for wanderers. Being an aimless wanderer myself, I am curious to see how the more focused wanderers of the world go about their wandering.

My favorite WordPress site of the meetup is being created by Gavin. It is called Kitty Single and its purpose is to find good homes for cats and kittens that do not have them.

The goal is to present reasonably high quality videos of cats and kittens for adoption and foster.

The next meetup will be during WordCamp 2008 in San Francisco. Details for wordcamp are not available yet, but we started a twitter account for the meetup so that we will be able to keep each other informed and make a plan.

Future plans for Bay Area WordPress Meetup
Sometime in the fall, there will be a meetup on plug-ins:

  • What plug-ins work for your WordPress site?
  • Which ones do you install — right off the bat?
  • Which ones have you found to help you add functionality to your website?

If you are interested in wordpress and live in the bay area, come join us!

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