Bee in Aspieland

In February 2006, Karen and I made a comic. Then we got sidetracked for three years. K took the original pictures and I made them into comics in Photoshop. We wrote the story together. This morning we filled in the remaining text and put the images in order.

Click on the images to view in gallery. Fullscreen mode is supported.

This comic is dedicated to Shiki.

11 thoughts on “Bee in Aspieland”

  1. Great! I wish there was a way to view all panels in full size on one page for printing or such. I don’t mind scrolling, I would find this easier.

    Thank you, great work.

  2. Came here from a link provided by Shinobu. Great strip. I like your use of color to show emotional states.

  3. This is so fab!!!

    I do hope I get one of those monster avs, too.

    …no, I just see it in the preview, I get my boring wordpress av. *sulk*

  4. Thanks 🙂

    @Randall: Wasn’t sure anyone noticed that. Meant to use color for all outside (of aspieland) voices, but noticed later that I forgot to in a couple of panels.

    @Gonzo: If you use an email address that is not connected to another avatar, you will get a monster. Let me know if you want me to change it for the last comment.


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