A Friend In Need

Sometimes it is hard to be an aspie. I am very lucky because no matter how hard things get sometimes, I have people who can, and do, help me out. If it weren’t for those people, especially my family and Karen, I really don’t what my life would be like now. It is likely that I would be homeless or dead, but instead, I am happy and warm.

Most people are not as lucky as me. My friend aspietalk is having a very hard time and will be homeless in a couple of weeks. She has recently started to get connected with services that may help, but the process of getting help is slow and painful. Tons of red tape and disorganization that is difficult for even the most healthy and organized of people, and seems to be purposefully impossible for people who face various challenges due to health, psychology, and/or life situation. I will not rant about that now.

I am writing this to let people know about aspietalk’s situation and give a shout out to anyone who may be able to help with a donation to help her get through this time without ending up homeless again. She has been through too much for too long and really needs the help of kind strangers right now.

Please visit her site and use the PayPal Donate button to give what you can. While you are over there, I recommend reading her posts. She has a really amazing way painting pictures of her thoughts and experiences with words.

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