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I have been at the She’s Geeky conference this weekend at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. Got to go on a tour of the museum today. There are lots of old computers, some restorations, handheld video games, abaci, calculators, adding machines, and software.

The conference has been very fun. It is well named. Definitely have never been around that many girl geeks before! Tomorrow is the last day. There is a session about asperger’s which I would never have expected, but it was subtitled “the geek syndrome”, so guessing that is the connection. I am very curious. There is also one about Drupal called ‘Show me your back end’. Hopefully they are not both at the same time. Drupal will win. Some pix from the museum:

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I grew up in Mountain View and worked in the Silicon Valley back in the late 80s.

    I live in WA now but the next time we’re back there visiting my parents, I will have to take our family to the Computer History Museum. We’d all get a huge kick out of it, especially my 10 year old son.

    The She’s Geeky conference sounds like it would have been so much fun. How was the AS presentation?

    Thanks again! I just found your blog tonight and am sure glad I did! 🙂


  2. LOL They have my Commodore PET there. Even in 83 we said it stood for Primitive Electronic Trash. In reality I learned to do my first programs on it. Saving to tape took awhile though.

  3. I love those old school computers that take up the size of a small room lol, imagine that our telephones have a faster processor now then they did then, what a size difference lol


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