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Chalkboard Color Scheme for Komodo — 03/03/2009

Chalkboard Color Scheme for Komodo

This color scheme is updated regularly. (View Updates)

Komodo PHP Sample
Komodo PHP Sample

Komodo Edit 5 has been my default code editor for the past week or so. It is much faster and nicer to look at than previous versions that I have tried. I switch default code editors almost as often as I switch default browsers. There are so many good ones out there, but none feels exactly right. Considering I spend most of my days switching between browsers and editor, I like to keep up with the latest that is available for mac.

One of the things I am most picky about in an editor is the color scheme. It is very hard for me to find schemes that I can stand to stare at for long periods of time. Schemes with white/light backgrounds and colored text are usually too bright for me and dark schemes are usually either too high or too low contrast. For this reason, I usually end up making my own.

If anyone else is using Komodo Edit (or Komodo IDE) and is similarly picky about color schemes, I have made it available for download.

Click here to download the LB Chalkboard scheme

Komodo CSS sample
Komodo CSS Sample

I should mention that the only language specific colors I made changes to are PHP, CSS, HTML, XML, and JavaScript. Also, I am still changing things as I come across them.

Update (3/4/09): Changed CSS comment color from green to default grey.

Update (3/21/09): Downloaded the trial version of Komodo IDE 5 yesterday and noticed that schemes switched over automatically. [update: bought Komodo IDE 5 after trial expired. Still loving it (1/17/10)]

Update (3/24/09): Fixed issue with some defaults changing from white to black text after update to Komodo 5.1. Added language specific colors for Smarty.

Update (8/23/09): Changed Common Syntax bracehighlight background color from dark grey to yellow for increased visibility.

Update (9/17/09): Changed Find highlighting indicator background color from yellow to green for increased readability.

Update (1/17/10): Changed Tag matching indicator background color from orange to light blue for increased readability.

Update (4/20/10): Identifiers color added for JavaScript.

Update (5/30/10): Changed colors of identifiers and strings for JavaScript because the orange identifiers were burning out my retinas. Identifiers are now off-white and strings are light orange.

Update (10/14/10): A few settings were changed slightly after installing Komodo 6.0. Still assessing whether I will change them back or keep them as is.

Update (6/1/11): CSS identifier color changed to increase readability, reduce eye-strain, and match other scheme colors better.

Update (7/9/11): All is well in Komodo 7.0-alpha3 except for the new HTML5 scheme not matching at all. Will get to that if I can ever find some time.

Update (12/28/11): This scheme has been included as a default scheme in Komodo 7 and is now called Dark_Chalkboard. Thanks to ActiveState for including it.

Plugin Update — 03/20/2007

Plugin Update

I have given up on the Share This plugin for now. No time to mess with it anymore. I am back to using the social bookmarks plugin, but I like the way Share This works and looks much better. When I have more time, I will try again.

Yesterday, I added the WP-chgFontSize plugin, which is pretty cool. I wish it used ems or percentages instead of pixels for the font-sizes, but can see how that might get tricky with the javascript. I added some code to include a link to return to the default font size. It was bugging me that the only way I could return to the default size was to delete the cookie from my computer. I like to have an ‘undo’ option whenever possible. If anyone else is interested in having this option, here is the code:

In the wp-chgfontsize.js file, right after this else block (around line 82):

} else {
document.write(' A+ ');

Add this:

document.write(' default');

Replace the 15 with whatever your default font size is.

Just when I thought I was finished experimenting with plugins for today, I realized that even when using tags, the code was not displaying right in this post. Hyperlinks were actual working hyperlinks, image tags were showing the image, and   html codes were making spaces.

Enter my newest plugin, Code Markup, which makes the code tags work right. It is kind of annoying to use a plugin for something that is supposed to happen automatically, but it seemed like the quickest, easiest solution to make it work.

Still, you gotta love that there is a wordpress plugin for just about everything! I am using 26 of them right now on this site.