Private Messages/Game Instructions update

Because of a glitch in the private messaging system, private messages sent through the Message Board section will be separate from Private Messages sent from anywhere else on this site. That means that to check if you have a private message on the site, just log in and check in the left menu (right under …

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Games are here!

New Flash games are here. Click on the name of the game you want to play in the High Scores box on the Home page, or on ‘Games’ in the Main Menu. This section is still under construction, so check back for game instructions and fixes to problems that I don’t know about yet.

Message Board is up!

The new message board is up! This is the place where you can post messages for other users of this site to read and reply to. You can also browse through the messages and reply to messages here. To use the Message Board: 1. Click on Forums in the menu to the left (if you …

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LBNuke is ready for testing!

Please browse the site. Add content. Tell your friends! Be sure to report any problems or bugs you come across so they can be fixed asap! To report a bug, click on ‘Contact LB’ in the main menu and choose ‘Site Support’ or ‘Complain’ as the message topic.