Private Messages/Game Instructions update

Because of a glitch in the private messaging system, private messages sent through the Message Board section will be separate from Private Messages sent from anywhere else on this site.

That means that to check if you have a private message on the site, just log in and check in the left menu (right under where it says ‘You are logged in as…’.

To check if you have a PM in the Message Board section, click on Message Board in the Places to visit menu on the left. At the top of the Message Board page, it will tell you if you have any new private messages. You can click that link to view your messages.

It is the same with sending PM’s. Whichever way you send them, that is where people will receive them. Eventually, I’m hoping to get them integrated again without any bugs, but it may take a while.

Other news: Intructions are now available for all games. If you don’t see them on the main game page, they will show up when you start the game.

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