It's Tuesday 4:30am London time. Guess I still have jetlag. London is great. It is so great to see Jo. Even though it’s been 10 years, it’s like we just saw eachother yesterday. Jo and Karen like each other alot. I knew they would. They are very much alike in a lot of ways. They even have the same birthday.

We got to Jo’s place on Sunday afternoon after she somehow got our jetlagged selves out of Heathrow and onto a couple of trains and to her flat. We hung out there for a while and rested. Got to meet her girlfriend Chrissie who is very cool too.

After me and Karen slept for a couple of hours, we went out to this cool local pub near Jo’s called the Gregorian and had some beer and played some pool. The busses here are way taller than I thought they would be. It’s so cool! I knew they were double decker, but had no idea they were that tall.

Yesterday, me and Karen went to Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum because I am a wax museum freak. It was so freakin’ cool. The best wax people I’ve ever seen! They looked so real even way up close. There was this one of Steven Spielberg that I had to touch to make sure he wasn’t real. Also a really gigantic incredible Hulk.

After that we did a ‘hop on, hop off’ bus tour and got to see many of the sites. We’re gonna go back to some places today. We got off once to have tea and once at Buckingham palace. We stopped in for more tea with the Queen and a quick game of polo w/the boys. It was fun.

It is amazing how much tea people drink here! Jo and Chrissie drink it from the minute they get up until right before they go to bed. I’m not really sure how they can sleep after that, but maybe they’re immune. But I also learned that they take the tea bag out after a quick stir, so maybe it’s not so strong. Jo gave me a lesson because I messed up her tea so bad when I tried to make it. First I forgot the milk, then I put sugar in it, then I forgot to take out the teabag. Eventually, I got it right 🙂

After the palace, we took the Underground back to Jo’s. The Underground is the subway and it’s totally amazing. So far we’ve never waited more than 2 minutes for a train. Today we’re gonna go to the Tate Modern museum and maybe to Westminster Abbey if we have energy. In the evening we’re gonna go to Greenwich and meet a friend of Karen’s at a pub there. Jo and another friend of hers are gonna meet us there. I’m psyched to see the Greenwich Mean time line. I am a geek.

Tomorrow we’re gonna go to Soho to check out the London queer scene. That will be fun 🙂 Now Karen’s up too. Jetlag is very strange, but kind of fun in the right circumstances. Apparently it gets me to rambling 😉

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