Went to the Tate Modern museum yesterday. There were lots of cool things there and some that I didn’t really get, like a big blue piece of plastic stuck up on the wall. Tried to go to Westminster Abbey, but it closed at 3:45, 7 minutes before we got there. We’re gonna try again this morning.

At night we went to Greenwich w/Jo and her friend Carl and K’s friend Jim. We had the best time! It’s so great to see the city w/people who live here. We went to Greenwich park, but the part where the time line is was closed. We went to a pub w/great lager and then took a walk along the Thames to another pub that was very cool too. We had lots of fun. Everybody here is so nice. We heard about rude cab drivers and people, but haven’t met any yet.

Today we’re going to Soho after the abbey. Gonna try to find the Doc Martin emporium, queers, and high tea. That will be fun. Tomorrow we’re headed to Amsterdam. Gotta hit the road now.

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