Amsterdam :)

We’re in Amsterdam now. It’s 8pm now. It’s 1 hour later than in London, 9 hours later than Oakland. We checked into our hotel. It’s pretty nice. Our room is very tiny. It’s like a little space pod. The bed is sort of in this cubby hole next to the window. It has a bathroom w/a shower which is very cool. We had some dinner – very excellent pizza w/the hugest capers I’ve ever seen on it. Now we’re at easyInternet cafe. They are everywhere here. Fast connections.

After we’re done here, we’re gonna head over to the Dolphins, a very fun coffee shop that’s right below the place we’ve stayed the other times we were here. Every time we’re there we hear a really funny song. There are very cool dolphin and seascape murals on the walls and ocean stuff sticking out of the stone walls.

I still can’t decide if I can deal with going to the Ann Frank house. So far, I haven’t been able to do it the other times we were here. I may try anyway though. We’re also gonna go to the Van Gogh Museum. That will be very fun. K’s been there before.

This is a great city to walk around in. Lots of alleys and fun stuff to look at. That is probably what we will do most while we’re here. There is some seriously chaotic traffic going on here. Bicycles, pedestrians, cars, trains, and motorcycles all going every direction over every surface. Sidewalks are roads. Roads are sidewalks. It is very strange and interesting. Makes crossing the street an adventure, just like in England, but for a different reason. Ok, time to check email and explore the city now…

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