and trains too…

I forgot about trains. Roads and train tracks and bike paths and sidewalks are all one thing. It is very chaotic, but somehow manageable. Amsterdam is very fun. We went to the Van Gogh Museum today. It was very cool. Everything is very cool. There are tons of people out on the street w/canvases painting along some of the canals. Even though a whole bunch of them are painting the same scene, they all have totally different paintings! It is very fun to watch.

Dutch tv is very fun to watch too, especially the cartoons and commercials. It’s funny that you can be watching a dutch channel and then these random things come on in English w/no dutch subtitles. There is also some bbc tv in english and some American tv dubbed into Dutch. Hard to believe we’re going home in a couple of days. It will be nice to see the cats 🙂

There is Heineken in the vending machine at the hotel. That makes me happy for some reason. It’s so much fun to walk around and look at the canals and the houses. They are all so pretty. So much brick! You get to missing brick when you live in earthquake territory. Even the streets are made of brick here! The sidewalks too, but then again, they are all the same thing anyway. We saw some tulips today. They were purple. One was pink.

Now we’re in some internet coffee shop kind of place called Conscious Dreams. They are playing good music here. Kind of technotrancy. There are some cool paintings on the walls and on the ceiling too. Karen is taking a picture of one of them now. Time to go back out into the world now.

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