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Macworld is over — 01/14/2005

Macworld is over

I will miss it. A sea of ibooks, powerbooks, clamshells, and even a few pcs. Geeks everywhere. More information than it is possible to process in 5 days. Hardware, software, lots of pens. Tiny hard drives. Tiny macs. Tiny ipods. G5s everywhere. Free magazines. Even a hacky sack. I will miss it.

Still at macworld — 01/13/2005

Still at macworld

Wil Wheaton was excellent. He told the story about his first mac, the TI he had before that, frustration w/macs and a trip to the pc dark side, a trip to linuxland, and then back to mac. He is a geek. So am I. AppleScripting the iApps was very interesting. Learned some cool stuff, but mostly about even cooler possibilities. Time to head over to “blogging and site syndication”. Seems appropriate.

Macworld 2005 —

Macworld 2005

I am at MacWorld, day 4. So far it has been a blast even though I am completely worn out. Been doing mostly os x and applescript stuff, w/a short break for some photoshop tips. It is great to get to learn so much.

Keynote was kind of boring. Tiger, tiger, spotlight, blah blah, ipod shuffle, mac mini. Tiger is definitely ver cool, but i’m tired of hearing about it.

The mac mini was pretty freakin’ cool too. It is a very small G4 computer that comes with no peripherals and costs $499. It’s only 6.5″ wide by 2″ tall! There was also a tiny ipod that doubles as a flash drive. It comes in 512MB and 1G models.

mini mac

Today, Wil Wheaton is speaking at 9:30, then 2 applescipt things and one on blogging and syndication. Oh yeah, and one on Panther secrets. I’m in geek heaven. I better go now before I get shut out of the presentation.

New improved LBnuke — 01/07/2005

New improved LBnuke

Finally moved this site to my new server. I decided to update the files too. It’s almost the same, except for a few small design changes, including changing the page width to 100%, so it will look very big if you have a big monitor and maximized browser! Please let me know if you find any bugs.