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Macworld 2008 — 01/18/2008

Macworld 2008

Today was the last day of Macworld. It makes me sad, but there really wasn’t anything left to do there. I saw everything on the expo floor about 5 times, the user conference was over, and I sat in on as many classes and demos at the expo as I could stand. I am fried as always, but can’t wait for next year either.

Macworld makes me happy. I got here at 6:30am on tuesday morning to pick up my badge and wait on line for the keynote. It was already wrapped around the block. 9am came and the keynote started but we were still outside. Hundreds of frozen lemmings. I got into an overflow room at 9:30.

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Day 4 | Microsoft Blogger Lounge — 01/11/2007

Day 4 | Microsoft Blogger Lounge

I can’t resist. i am in the ‘microsoft blogger lounge’, blogging. Here is something that microsoft has truly done right. A small oasis smack in the middle of macworld chaos. Round tables with back to back 17″ imacs. Groupings of comfortable soft black chairs and couches arranged around matching oversized ottoman tables. Powerstrips. Ethernet cables. Free drinks. I love it here. The noise fades into the background. Not fades exactly. More like becomes a blanket of white noise.
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The Keynote | Macworld 2007 — 01/09/2007

The Keynote | Macworld 2007

iPhonenote: raw notes scribbled during the keynote. these will be edited and reposted at some point in the near future.

update: changed my mind. too tired to edit. i will just add the photo and the ‘read more’ link, fix the typos, and leave the ramble as is. To skip the ramble and view the actual keynote, click here.

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Macworld 2007 :: Day 1 | It Begins — 01/08/2007

Macworld 2007 :: Day 1 | It Begins

I am at Moscone Center. Just got my badge for macworld. No lines today. Exept for food! There are endless lines at the 2 food stands. The power tools conferences must have just broken for lunch when I got here and the food stands were just opening. It is a good time not to be hungry. Nothing going on here today besides from registration and the first round of power tools conferences. Even though I am not signed up for any of those, I thought i would take advantage of the free wireless while I am here.
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Macworld 2006 :: Day 5 | The End — 01/13/2006

Macworld 2006 :: Day 5 | The End

Macworld is over. I am sad even though I really don’t think I have enough energy for another day there. Maybe another half day…

The last day of the expo is cool because everyone is trying to get rid of their stuff so they don’t have to lug it back with them, so there are lots of great deals.

I got a good deal on a wacom graphire tablet. The demo guy gave me a 20 minute lesson on using it. It rocked. The demo model was larger and twice as touch sensitive as the entry level play tablet that I got, but it has still got to be better than photoshopping with a mouse!

I also got 2 php5 tutorial DVDs for $10. Those were my only macworld purchases besides from granola bars, coffee, apples, and one soggy vegetarian sandwich.

I am still imac free. But probably not for long.

The imac is in the mail 🙂

I met up with Root and Green at the expo. That was nice. It is Root’s birthday today. Me and K just got back from her birthday party at the Pyramid brewery. It was fun and nice to see so many people that I haven’t seen for a while. I think life will return to ‘normal’ now. I will geek out in solitude. Makes me happy. And sad.

Macworld 2006 :: Day 4 | The Temptation — 01/12/2006

Macworld 2006 :: Day 4 | The Temptation

I don’t know how much longer I can hold out. The big bright shiny iMac is calling my name. The screen is so big and bright. I can picture it filled with photoshop and firefox and textWrangler ALL ON THE SCREEN AT THE SAME TIME! I can imagine testing a website on 4 different browsers at once. It is not the 12″ screen I know and usually love. Just one more day of being surrounded by hundreds of them. I will miss that.

Big bright shiny new iMac

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Macworld 2006 :: Day 3 | The Expo — 01/11/2006

Macworld 2006 :: Day 3 | The Expo

My brain is fried. Deep crispy fried. But I will do it again tomorrow and probably Friday. Macworld is a combination of my best dream and my worst nightmare. Techies and geeks everywhere. State of the art computers. Endless cool hardware and software. Some of the best product design that there is. And… Wall to wall crowds. Sounds from every direction. Colors. Lights. Stuff. People. People people people people people. And so many sounds! Everywhere. There was more good than bad by a long shot, but it drains my energy completely.

Root picked me up and we took BART into SF. A relatively quick stop at the apple store. No new macs yet. We played with iLife ’06 on a new 20″ iMac at the expo for at least an hour. I saw the future. It was the future as it looked in my past happening in the present. It was the Jetsons. Video conferencing made easy. Excellent quality even at full screen. Click on the little video icon and you are talking to someone on another continent like they were in the same room.

The new iApps are fun! Just like Steve Jobs did in the demo, me and root made a cool dvd in minutes and a web site in another few minutes, complete with blog, podcast page, rss feed, and photo gallery with a subscription link for photocasts. Click a button to see all of your media; photos, movies, audio. Drag it into your movie, dvd, web page. Type. One click publishing if you use .mac. Done. I swear that apple isn’t paying me for this. It all really IS that cool! It is creative computing for the masses. It is easy and fun. I am still not sure how some things work if you don’t have a .mac account.

So much stuff. Endless. Overwhelming. I can’t wait until tomorrow 🙂

Macworld 2006 :: Day 3 | The Morning —

Macworld 2006 :: Day 3 | The Morning

This morning I woke up at 5am because I was too excited to sleep. The rest of the dreamweaver power tools was better than I could have even imagined. I learned ALL of the things that I have never been able to understand about using PHP and accessing MySQL databases in dreamweaver.

Today, I will finally get to see the expo. I am still resisting the iMac, but it is not easy. I will get to play with them and the MacBooks at the expo. There are all kinds of fun things going on for the next few days. Lots of free workshops and demonstrations.

My brain keeps compiling a list of mostly ridiculous reasons why it would be good to get an iMac. There are many. There is only one reason not to, but since that reason is money, it is a hard list to balance. Thanks to the magic of credit cards, there is a pretty good chance (80%) that the iMac will win.

The list so far:

  • Larger screen – this is the main reason. While I can do almost everything I need to on my 12″ powerbook screen, there are pretty severe limitations when working with any kind of graphics program or trying to compare multiple files at once.
  • Speed/Performance – I am a computer geek and tend to overload any computer that I have. Any boost helps.
  • Games – not an actual reason, especially considering that I have an xbox with a bunch of games that are not even completed yet, but still impossible to ignore.
  • It’s Pretty – also not a reason
  • It is shiny – see above
  • Did I mention the big screen?

Steve Jobs is a marketing genius, and I am an easy target. Time to go the expo now.

Macworld 2006 :: Day 2 | Keynote — 01/10/2006

Macworld 2006 :: Day 2 | Keynote

No doubt that Steve Jobs is an excellent speaker who can make people excited about something even if they don’t even want it. I have very little interest in having an ipod, but was completely captivated by the ipod video demo. Of course watching the video on a very magnified ipod on a giant screen looks much more impressive than if had been on an actual ipod. It just kept getting better after that…
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Macworld is over — 01/14/2005

Macworld is over

I will miss it. A sea of ibooks, powerbooks, clamshells, and even a few pcs. Geeks everywhere. More information than it is possible to process in 5 days. Hardware, software, lots of pens. Tiny hard drives. Tiny macs. Tiny ipods. G5s everywhere. Free magazines. Even a hacky sack. I will miss it.