New York, NY

Me and K went to NY to celebrate my mom and dad’s 40th wedding anniversary 🙂 It was so nice that we could all be together to honor the occasion. M & D stayed at the St. Regis, and me n K stayed in Queens with Brian and Sarah and Atticus, their very sweet and big and fuzzy cat.

new york city

It was a fun trip, even though it was so short. We had some great food, some excellent booze, and got to see a few of the sights. We also saw “Wedding Crashers”, which was very hilarious. It was nice to get to walk around in the city. It’s been a long time. I’ve never seen the streets so empty! Apparently everyone is gone for the summer, and it was a weekend, but even still, it was very strange.

christopher street park

Me and K went walking around in the village, and had lots of fun. Went to Christopher St. Park (photo above), had some amazing lemon italian ices, and got a little bit of hope for the world from some guy that K was buying a bag from. He didn’t take credit cards, and she didn’t have enough cash, so he just trusted her and said she could send a check when she got home! I was pretty amazed. Of course, she sent the check as soon as we got home 🙂

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