Macworld 2006 :: Day 3 | The Expo

My brain is fried. Deep crispy fried. But I will do it again tomorrow and probably Friday. Macworld is a combination of my best dream and my worst nightmare. Techies and geeks everywhere. State of the art computers. Endless cool hardware and software. Some of the best product design that there is. And… Wall to wall crowds. Sounds from every direction. Colors. Lights. Stuff. People. People people people people people. And so many sounds! Everywhere. There was more good than bad by a long shot, but it drains my energy completely.

Root picked me up and we took BART into SF. A relatively quick stop at the apple store. No new macs yet. We played with iLife ’06 on a new 20″ iMac at the expo for at least an hour. I saw the future. It was the future as it looked in my past happening in the present. It was the Jetsons. Video conferencing made easy. Excellent quality even at full screen. Click on the little video icon and you are talking to someone on another continent like they were in the same room.

The new iApps are fun! Just like Steve Jobs did in the demo, me and root made a cool dvd in minutes and a web site in another few minutes, complete with blog, podcast page, rss feed, and photo gallery with a subscription link for photocasts. Click a button to see all of your media; photos, movies, audio. Drag it into your movie, dvd, web page. Type. One click publishing if you use .mac. Done. I swear that apple isn’t paying me for this. It all really IS that cool! It is creative computing for the masses. It is easy and fun. I am still not sure how some things work if you don’t have a .mac account.

So much stuff. Endless. Overwhelming. I can’t wait until tomorrow 🙂

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