10 Things That Are On My Mind

  1. Side effects. They have come and they are annoying. Hopefully, they will go away soon!
  2. Autiblogger. Added user level plugins and a nice new theme today.
  3. School. Almost done with the CSS class. Maybe the best class I have ever taken. I learned so much in 8 weeks and got every question that I’ve ever had about CSS answered.
  4. Friend. Heard back from an old high school friend that I recently found on google. Made me happy.
  5. Nikkyo. Took her to the vet this morning to get spayed. Can’t pick her up until tomorrow after 9:30 am. I miss her.
  6. Shiki. Thought about her a lot when I dropped Nikkyo off at the vet. The last time I went there and came back without a cat was the last time I ever saw her.
  7. Work. I have been getting a lot of it lately. Makes me happy.
  8. Travelling. I wish it was easier for me. Two trips planned for December – Seattle, where K has a training and I will randomly explore, and Chicago for Matt and Laura’s wedding.
  9. The world. Very scary. What is wrong with people?!
  10. Water. I really want to go to the water. Good thing this is the last thing on the list!

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