Macworld 2007 | Last Day

I am back in the microsoft blogger lounge for the last time. I got to the show a couple of hours ago and have been wandering the expo floor to see all of the things that I hadn’t seen yet and the things that I wanted to see again. Curiosity drove me to purchase a $10 copy of OmniWeb. I have been curious for so long why people would pay for a browser when there is Firefox for free. And Safari. And Opera. Etc. The convincing feature was the ease of specifying per site settings, including custom stylesheets. There are some other nice features too.

I am glad I got back here today. Yesterday didn’t turn out so well. I never made it to the final session of the user’s conference. I wasn’t feeling well and ended up walking around outside for a long time until I felt well enough to get on BART. I couldn’t drive or take the bus when I got back to Oakland. Everything was wrong. I felt very strange in my brain and body. Sick and still in that freakin’ cotton ball. I walked home and fell asleep almost instantly and didn’t wake up until night time. Today is not so great either, but way better than yesterday.

I will look around some more, but I think I have finally had my fix. Still, it is hard to leave so much geekiness behind. There is a lot of cool stuff here but I am very tired and I don’t want to get stuck here like I did yesterday.

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