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I was an insomniac again last night, but I didn’t really mind. Got some good rest anyway. Me and K had some laughs in the middle of the night, mostly due to to Nikkyo falling down behind the bed repeatedly.

I watched some online tutorials at K is getting me the very sweet birthday present of a subscription to the online tutorial library. I am very excited about that. Some of my favorite authors/geeks/web heroes have tutorials there. A few that I was most excited about were Molly Holzschlag, Eric Meyer, and my new photoshop hero, Bert Monroy. He gave a session at macworld about photorealism in Photoshop and I was completely blown away. Inspired. Awed. He creates amazing photorealistic images from scratch (i.e. not from a photo)! Videos also included topics of high interest to me like PHP, javascript, and Ruby on Rails.

Other interesting things I found while not sleeping include:

First impressions of OmniWeb 5:

  • Coolest feature: You can add a custom search to the search bar for ANY site that has a search box!
  • Per site preferences are really handy. Options include what to do with popups, where to allow images from, and use of custom css.
  • I had trouble getting the wordpress song video to play from the authors website. It worked in Firefox. There was no problem getting it to play directly from the viddler site.
  • It crashed for no apparent reason and did not remember my rearranged bookmarks. Very annoying!
  • I have been enjoying browsing with it for the most part. I like the sidebar with screenshots for tabs. I wonder if there is a firefox extension for this. I know there is an addon for Safari that will do it (Safari Stand).
  • As usual, nothing can replace Firefox for pure browsing goodness 🙂

3 thoughts on “Interesting Things”

  1. Thanks for pointing that out! I missed it before. Those words could have come straight out of my brain. It still amazes me how so many people can share such a huge amount of similarities in such a wide range of areas.

  2. Well worth visiting Joel every time he posts.
    The other geeky stuff is probably out of my league [technically challenged person] Firefox protects me from myself! Glad that your sleepless hours were so productive.


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