New Old Meds

So much going on. New meds. Well, not exactly new. Same as the last meds only in a different formula and dose of pill. Started yesterday. So far, so good. I can breathe. Hopefully the new kind of pill will not give me the same kind of allergic reaction as the last time. I realized when I picked it up this time that ‘trouble breathing’ is listed in the package insert as a possible allergic reaction, not as a side effect.

The good news is that the side effects of strattera are finally wearing off. My body feels more normal and the strange sores that I’ve been getting underneath the skin on my hands and feet has almost completely disappeared just as suddenly as they appeared shortly after I started taking the meds. Mystery solved. All those blood tests for nothing.

It has been very hard to work. Even hard to play. I am half playing while I am writing this. Turning in quests. It has been fun playing warcrack with the mac guild, the Reservoir Dogcows. Nice folks. I still haven’t played much in groups, but when I did, they were very helpful. Tsayad the night elf hunter (that’s me) is almost level 40. That is a cool thing in world of warcraft. For hunters like Tsayad, it means you can start wearing mail armor instead of leather. It also means you can get a ‘mount’, which is an animal that you ride on so you can go a lot faster. For a night elf, the standard mount is one of several giant cats. Cool.

I have so much work to do. I sure hope these meds kick in soon! I wonder if I will ever be able to read again. I suppose I should be patient. There are good things too.

We got a harness and a long lead for Nikkyo and have been taking her outside in the backyard. She likes it 🙂 Mostly she sniffs the other cats and eats grass. Cats sure do like to eat grass.

Trying out a couple of new plugins on this site. One is Alex King’s Share This plugin, which isn’t working exactly right just yet. When you click the ‘Share This’ link, the form is supposed to popup right underneath, but instead it is showing up way below the page footer. CSS changes do not fix it. Some kind of problem with the offset that is set by the plugin file. It works fine with the default theme. I am hoping some geek out there will help me figure it out and have left messages in a few places requesting ideas. Also trying out the gravatar plugin.That one is working fine, but I don’t think anyone who leaves comments here besides from me has a gravatar. Most of the sites I visit regularly are very geek oriented, so just about everyone has a gravatar. I expected my comments to be filled with avatars, but it is mostly filled with blue squares, the default.

Wondering what a gravatar is? Gravatar is short for ‘Globally Recognized Avatar’ and it is a little picture that represents you and is slightly more personal than just your name (or alias). To get one, just go to and sign up for free. The gravatar is associated with an email address, so if there is one that you usually use for filling in comment forms, use that one to get the gravatar. Then when you write a comment on any site that recognizes gravatars, your picture will show up with your name. If I don’t disable the plugin because no one besides me uses gravatars, I will probably make them show up a little bigger than they are now.

Just landed in Ironforge. One quest to turn in and some stuff to drop off at the auction house. I don’t think I will be making it to level 40 tonight. Too hard to concentrate, and if I could concentrate I would be working.

I have a couple of great CSS books that I got with the amazon gift certificate that Lorena gave me. I have been able to read little bits of them at a time. One is called CSS Mastery by Andy Budd, and the other is Trancending CSS by Andy Clarke. Those are affiliate links, so if you buy them, you will get great books and help me out too! I have yet to make one penny from an affiliate link, but that probably has something to do with the fact that I hardly ever use them.

Just quit the game. No brain for the auction house right now. That reminds me that I saw a funny youtube video this morning. It was a dance contest between Guild Wars (another game) and World of Warcraft. Very well done. Cracked me up. It is here if you want to see it.

I wish I could read one of those books now. Or work. Maybe tomorrow. K is out with a friend. Her hand is still hurting. Hopefully that will get better soon too. Stupid RSI. She will see the worker’s comp doc on Friday. Hopefully that will help.

It is crazy hard to think. Loud in my head. So I write.

2 thoughts on “New Old Meds”

  1. Interesting…when I need to get away from my “loud in the head” moments (probably not quite the same thing, but I understand the desire to distract from it), I tend to read. But mostly because I want to avoid the emotional states that are feeling loud. Writing always just makes them louder. Maybe I’m doing the wrong kind of writing.

  2. I wish I could read too. A person should be able to escape from their own head once in a while!

    For some reason writing seems to bypass the part of my brain that doesn’t work for talking or thinking sometimes. I’m pretty sure it is because I can actually see the straight lines that thoughts are supposed to go in.

    You would think that would apply to reading too, but I don’t see straight lines when I can’t read because the words jump around on the page. When I am writing, I see the line of words as an actual line. If I try to read them they jump.


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