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Crazy Cat Ladies — 05/30/2007

Crazy Cat Ladies

Me and K are now officially crazy cat ladies. It happened just like last time. The neighbors came over with a stray kitten that was living in the yard next door. They know who the suckers are! The mother cat is Nikkyo’s grandma. We almost resisted this time. We told them we couldn’t do it, but the little fuzzy seed had been planted. K had already fallen in love and could not stop thinking about it. A couple of days later, we had 4 cats. It is almost a year since Shiki died. Nikkyo’s first birthday is in 2 days. Wasn’t it time for a new kitten? Apparently so. This is the last one! Really. Welcome Buster 🙂


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New Old Meds — 03/14/2007

New Old Meds

So much going on. New meds. Well, not exactly new. Same as the last meds only in a different formula and dose of pill. Started yesterday. So far, so good. I can breathe. Hopefully the new kind of pill will not give me the same kind of allergic reaction as the last time. I realized when I picked it up this time that ‘trouble breathing’ is listed in the package insert as a possible allergic reaction, not as a side effect.

The good news is that the side effects of strattera are finally wearing off. My body feels more normal and the strange sores that I’ve been getting underneath the skin on my hands and feet has almost completely disappeared just as suddenly as they appeared shortly after I started taking the meds. Mystery solved. All those blood tests for nothing.

It has been very hard to work. Even hard to play. I am half playing while I am writing this. Turning in quests. It has been fun playing warcrack with the mac guild, the Reservoir Dogcows. Nice folks. I still haven’t played much in groups, but when I did, they were very helpful. Tsayad the night elf hunter (that’s me) is almost level 40. That is a cool thing in world of warcraft. For hunters like Tsayad, it means you can start wearing mail armor instead of leather. It also means you can get a ‘mount’, which is an animal that you ride on so you can go a lot faster. For a night elf, the standard mount is one of several giant cats. Cool.

I have so much work to do. I sure hope these meds kick in soon! I wonder if I will ever be able to read again. I suppose I should be patient. There are good things too.

We got a harness and a long lead for Nikkyo and have been taking her outside in the backyard. She likes it 🙂 Mostly she sniffs the other cats and eats grass. Cats sure do like to eat grass.
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Pictures: Fall 2006 featuring Nikkyo — 11/27/2006

Pictures: Fall 2006 featuring Nikkyo

K put some new pictures up on our site… Fall 2006 featuring Nikkyo. Cat pix, fall holidays, and some random people shots.

mmm.... apple.

Nikkyo and Jack

Spayed — 10/12/2006
Nikkyo — 07/21/2006


It is just over a month since Shiki died and I still cry every day. Not as bad as before; usually just once a day now. K got the sweetest stone in the whole world that we will use to mark the spot where we bury her in the garden. Neither of us is ready to bury her yet.

in a box
on the mantle
beneath your picture

to go back to the earth
under a stone
that marks the spot of your final resting place

no life, no body
but i am still not ready to let go
of the box that holds
what is left of you
in this world

A few days ago, our neighbors from across the street randomly brought over a tiny kitten. I fell instantly in love. It is very weird timing since I was planning on never having another cat again and because it is so soon since Shiki died, but it also felt like one of those ‘it was meant to be’ situations. She needed a home and I needed a friend.

I hung out with her the next day and couldn’t really bear to let her go. It was the first time I have been happy during the day since Shiki has been gone. We decided to keep her. I named her Nikkyo (NEE-kee-oh – means ‘second technique’ in Japanese) after my favorite karate move and because she is my second cat.

She sleeps on my lap while I work and licks my head like Shiki used to. It is nice to have a new friend.