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The first plugin of today is not actually a wordpress plugin at all, but it works like one (at least like one that has a slightly complicated installation). It is called iBox. Installation is relatively simple if you are comfortable with uploading and modifying files. Kind of a pain if you’re not. There is some code that needs to be added to the header.php file of your theme, an image that needs to go in the root images directory, and two files that need to go into your theme’s main directory.

iBox is a combination of lightbox, thickbox, and regular links to content for those not using javascript. Here is an example. If you have javascript enabled, you will see an example of what iBox does when you click the link. If not, you will go to a regular web page.

The next plugin is Audio Player by 1pixelout. I am using it on a client site and it is really nice. It will only work on posts and pages (no headers, sidebars, etc.), only play MP3s (limitation of Flash Player), and only play a single track. Fortunately, it does exactly what I need it to on my client’s site. It is really easy to use and to customize. Nice to look at too. Try out the demos on the site to see how cool it is.

Those are all for now. I am trying to keep a record of cool and useful plugins so that I can remember them instead of having to search every time I need one.

I got tired of the social bookmarks plugin. I just don’t like looking at it. All of those colorful icons on every post bugs me. I also noticed that the change font size plugin adds an inline style to whatever div you are using it on. Interesting approach. Not such a big deal, but kind of bugs me for some reason.

What bugs me the most is that iBox is kind of funny in IE6. For some reason, it doesn’t overlay the dropdown box of hangman games, even though the z-index is high. The change font-size plugin doesn’t display correctly. When you click one of the resizing images, both images disappear. Also, the Random box in the sidebar does not show the icon next to the title, like on all the other boxes and the text does not have a border or background color. Stupid IE6! I haven’t even checked on IE7 yet. Are you using Internet Explorer? If you are, you may want to Get Firefox instead. It is much more secure and way smarter than IE.

Since most people are not jumping to do that right away, I suppose I will have to troubleshoot and try to get it to do what it was supposed to do in the first place. But not now.

It is nice to be feeling good enough for stuff to bug me again 🙂

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  1. Wow! You really must be starting to feel better. I’m glad. I’d comment on the above, but for the most part don’t understand what plug-ins are. This is why I will be hiring you to build my website!


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