House of Tape :: The Photoshoot

The other day, K went around taking pictures of the many duct taped things in our house. Even though it is kind of pathetic, it also cracked me up to see them all at once. Sometimes you just have to laugh. I added a doorbell shot to the collection. Here are the very exciting photos…

Welcome to our house!
Please ring the doorbell before it falls off.
But wait! There’s more…

The Closet
High security lock to keep out a very busy kitten.

The Kitchen Floor
This is where I jump around when I am going crazy. Sorry floor.
Kitchen Floor

More Floor
Not exactly sure what happened to this one.
Kitchen Floor

The Bathroom
Several styles of duct tape in the bathroom.
Bathroom Door

Shower Curtain Rod


And finally…our front window…
Front Window

Nice 😕

9 thoughts on “House of Tape :: The Photoshoot”

  1. It is quite incredible to me, how we ever survived the years prior to the last 12 years in the US, where duct tape and it’s many qualities was an unknown!

  2. ROTFL, this is great!

    ok you are better than us, we have not even duct-taped some of those kind of things, just left them broken.

    you guys get at least an E for Effort.

  3. Finally, we are famous! Riches are sure to follow.

    You even got to sleep in a completely duct-tape free room. If only duct tape could have fixed that dang router…

  4. So very familiar! The rear sliding door handle on my van is duct taped on, as is one side of the license plate. In the house, we don’t even bother with taping. We once had a toilet that wouldn’t flush, we just dumped a bucket of water into the tank each time to force it to flush. Two months ago, the lamp in my bedroom stopped working (not just the lightbulb, I’m not quite that bad!). I’ve used a flashlight in there ever since.

    Your photographs are wonderful. Kitchen floor number 1 is art, absolutely.


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