OS X Keyboard Shortcuts

cmd: Command Key key | shift: Shift Key key | opt: Option Key key | ctrl: Control Key key

Shortcut Description
cmd-W Close Window (does not quit program)
cmd-Q Quit Program
cmd-C Copy
cmd-X Cut
cmd-V Paste
cmd-N New Document / New Window
cmd-O Open File
cmd-S Save
shift-cmd-S Save As…
cmd-P Print
cmd-Z Undo
shift-cmd-Z Redo
cmd-A Select All
cmd-F Find
cmd-G Find Next
shift-cmd-G Find Previous
cmd-, (cmd-comma) Preferences
cmd-H Hide – hides current program
shift-cmd-H Hide Others – hides all other programs
cmd-+ Make Text Bigger
cmd– Make Text Smaller
cmd-0 (cmd-zero) Revert to original text size
cmd-? Help
cmd-M Minimize Window to the Dock
ctrl-opt-cmd-8 Reverse Window Colors
  For Text Editing (i.e. Pages, Word)
cmd-B Bold
cmd-U Underline
cmd-I Italic
cmd-T Show Fonts Panel
shift-cmd-C Show Colors Panel
  Finder (Including Desktop)
cmd-I Get Info
shift-cmd-N Create New Folder
cmd-R Reload Page in Safari or Firefox
F5 Reload Page in Firefox
cmd-[ or cmd- ← Back in Browser
cmd-] or cmd- → Forward in Browser
cmd-D Add bookmark in browser
cmd-T New Tab in Safari or Firefox

Does anyone else have any favorite mac keyboard shortcuts?

3 thoughts on “OS X Keyboard Shortcuts”

  1. Thanks Lori for the list. Do you know how to block specific websites in Safari? I have one website I want to block because the babysitter seems to spend too much time on this website when she should be spending time with Jr.

    I encourage her to use the internet with Jr. to play games and I know he loves to look at street signs so I don’t want to prevent her from using it. I also don’t want to be confrontational with her about the website I want blocked as I don’t want her to think I’ve been “Spying” on her.

  2. I know that in tiger you can allow only certain sites, but I am pretty sure you can’t block sites.

    Leopard has more advanced parental controls that allow you to allow and/or block specific sites.

    I have never tried either of these so am not sure what happens if someone goes to a site that is not allowed. Let me know what happens if you try it. I am curious.


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