Today is my birthday. Makes me happy 🙂 K took me to see Phil Lesh and Friends in the city (SF) on Saturday night to celebrate and today we will celebrate again. Not exactly sure how yet, but I do know that birthday cake will be involved. If it is not raining we will go and walk around the by the water. It is very wet outside at the moment and the sky is dark, but it is not raining. I will assume that means it will be a nice day. It is a glass half full kind of day.

4 thoughts on “41”

  1. Happy 41st Birthday Sweetie! Yes, cake will most definitely be involved 🙂 I love you sweetheart, may this year be full of peace, love n happiness 🙂

  2. Happy belated Birthday. 🙂

    I hope you got some cool presents.

    I just wanted to say that agree with what you wrote earlier, about feeling good and trying to do everything while you can. I do this too, and still am shocked when I push myself too far and then get sick or otherwise. I am with you there!

  3. Thanks everyone! It turned out to be a beautiful day and we got to go to the water and walk around and K got me a birthday cake with a bee on it 🙂

    renaeden: sorry that happens to you too.

    i think there is probably a middle ground somewhere when it is time to stop doing things. sometimes i ignore it because there are so many things to do and i want to do them while i can. other times, i don’t even notice it until i am way past it and it is too late.

    it is probably best not to ignore it but then i feel like i am giving up or giving in. sometimes i am in a fight with my brain like we are 2 separate entities. since i am just one person, no one ever wins that fight. it just makes me tired.


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