Great Person Award

Karen Gets Great Person Award

As a supervisor, Karen is patient, humorous and is clear about her expectations of the team. She brings out the best in people by looking at issues from different angles and valuing others’s opinions.
— quote from K’s nomination letter

Wednesday was the ceremony for the UCSF Great Person Award that Karen won in December. It is an award given to honor 4 people each quarter who are nominated by their colleagues for the exceptional quality and value of their contributions to the workplace.

To win, people must contribute to programs resulting in tangible added value, serve as a role model, make the department a better place to work, and inspire others to excel.

I am so very proud of K and so happy that she is being recognized for all of the hard work that she does every day.

The ceremony was really nice and there was a reception afterwards. I could not think of a better name for this award unless it was the ‘Greatest Person in the Whole World Award’.

Congratulations K 😀

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  1. Ummm, hi! I hadn’t heard about this! This is awesome and totally true. I’m surprised that she hasn’t won each quarter, since there are so many wonderful things about her.


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