The Who and Other Good Things

Pete TownshendI am still having a very hard time with school, but I am tired of whining about it. Decided to take a break from driving myself insane and not getting anything done. It is several hours later and I realize that I am not miserable and exhausted anymore. Doesn’t help my school situation any, but it did wonders for my brain. Suddenly it is filled with happy things.

Saturday night, there was a VH1 Rock Honors show at UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion. It will be aired on VH1 on Thursday. VH1 has been having tons of Who stuff on lately. Makes me happy. The Who is one of my favorite bands of all time, and in particular, the one that made my teenagerhood bearable. Lots of performers played at the show including The Who, Pearl Jam, and Tenacious D. I also love the D.

Karate was very fun today. Only did actual karate for half the time, then heard some great stories about martial arts history and got to see a bunch of cool videos of our teacher learning from “the professor” (Professor Chow, I think). I love that kind of stuff. I like Kenpo. It is a lot like Cuong Nhu, but with more emphasis on the Chinese styles than the Japanese. I like my new school because daytime classes are very small and not as structured as night-time ones. I also like the teacher. He is patient and shows me things until I get them, then moves on to the next thing.

Speaking of good stories, I have been taking a break from Shikibee (main World of Warcraft character) and leveling a balance druid named Terunapekere on The Scryers realm. I want to be a moonkin. The Scryers is a role-playing server. I joined a great guild called Claws of Fury. I think I have had more interaction and done more things with this guild than with all of my other WoW guilds combined. It is more comfortable to interact for some reason. Role playing is fun. It is not required and there is plenty of OOC (Out of Character) chat, but it makes the whole game different. I had the level 70 blues with Shikibee and needed a break. I am not a big raider and got totally sick of the daily quests. The game was not fun like it used to be. Until I started playing Teruna.

Yesterday, we had a guild meeting in Thrall’s Chambers in Ogrimmar. Did I mention that Teruna is a hordie? We sat in a circle and the guild master, Grimstad, stood in front. First he made a few promotions, including Teruna. Then he promoted one of the members (Dreamwalker) to a special rank called Lore Keeper (or something like that). Dreamwalker then told us a great story about how thunder lizards got their lightning. He told the story on the /say channel which means any players in the nearby area could hear it. Other people sat down to listen to the story too and I read it out loud so K could hear it too. After that, we went to Gnomeregan and totally wiped, but it was lots of fun anyway.

Latest good thing of the day is that the update to WordPress 2.6-RC1, which I was doing while writing this in TextEdit, went without a hitch. I heart WordPress.

Update: 7/15/08 – update to WordPress 2.6 was just as smooth as RC1 🙂

Nice to think about good things for a change. Still no idea what I will do about school.

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  1. Not driving yourself insane is a good idea. I know that this is hard to think about, but have you thought of dropping one of the classes and just focusing on one at a time. Also, I don’t know what school this is through, but requesting accommodations as a disabled student may help. They may even give you more time to get through the class materials.

    I hated reading text when I was taking classes. I love to read, but reading text would just zone me out. So I always had to set up small goals, then step away and do something else….TheBoy said that when he was writing his thesis, he could only write a couple of sentences, then would have to go away and do something else…It was reassuring to hear that even super smart people like him have a hard time focusing.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions, spin. I have been thinking of dropping one of the classes and probably will. I have a few more days to decide. I have not found much information about accommodations when I have looked, but I have not looked thoroughly. It is a good idea. I will look again when I can read better.

    Not sure if small goals would work for reading because when I can’t read, I can only get a word or 2 out of every paragraph. The text flashes and jumps on the page. I can’t see it in straight lines. It is like a paper version of my brain.

  3. I know that listening is also difficult sometimes for you, but I think there are programs that convert text into audio…and for books, I think they have things like that at some of the public libraries. Hang in there!


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