Words Crashing Inside My Head

I was having some trouble thinking earlier and ended up looking at the wordle pix again to quiet my brain. The one below caught my eye because it is a picture of what was going on in my head. It is a pretty accurate illustration of what I mean when I say (or write) that “the words crash inside of my head”. (Click the image to enlarge) [singlepic=13,450,248,,center] The reason it is hard for me to think and read sometimes is because I don’t think in straight lines. I think in grids. Hard to explain. Some people call it thinking in pictures. For me, the pictures are more like 3D wireframe models that can be viewed from every angle and direction, including from the inside out. Nothing at all resembling a straight line like a sentence does. When I can’t see the grid and try to think in words, they do not form sentences in my head. They are individual units floating around and crashing into each other without ever making any sense. It is annoying, but I feel kind of lucky that usually the words stay together and are not further divided into individual letters or individual shapes that make up the letters. Looking at the pix and/or writing this appears to have had its intended effect. I better get back to work now before it wears off!

2 thoughts on “Words Crashing Inside My Head”

  1. Yeah. I totally agree with the concept of this picture. The mesh of the words, clearly defines, when words are in a war. 🙂 Its hard to get things straight. This picture saved me 🙂 Otherwise i would ve been banging my head against the wall.

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